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[Imbuing] What's best to have on luck tamer/mage armor?


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well I have 4 slots free with each 100 weight.
Luck armor, mage, sw, tamer with low meditation. CC
Plan to switch armor before enemy drops dead.
I can use hpi=5, or mr=2 or hr=2 or a combination of them.
Does 20hpi makes sense when switching? Or one of the others or mana increases until full.


Crazed Zealot
Frankly, with treasure hunting as an example, I did the armor switch from luck to fighting armor after the chest emerges, and with 3k luck I still get junk, but thats treasure hunting. You are talking regular fights, so maybe different. Also I take it that what you mean is to what else to put on the luck armor. I think at the end of the fight when you have red-liked the boss, you still have some fighting to do till enemy bites the dust. So it really will depends on how much MR is already on board. I think by hr you mean hit point regen or health regen, probably would not do that. So that leaves HPI and MR. Since you are a tamer, would likely use 1 slot for MR2, then 3 slots for HPI for a whopping +15 hit points. Especially nice for boss that switches targets. OR 2 slots for HPI for a total of +10 HPI, and 2 slots for MR for +4 MR if you are assisting your pet with spells and/or use Masteries.
Remember that SW WOD takes a crap ton of mana also, and you really want to land at least a few 600-700 hit punches at the boss at the end. If this is absolutely vital, I would go with 1 slot for the HPI (if you have 110-120 HPS anyway), and the rest 3 slots for MR (total from these slots=6 MR), to keep blasting away those WOD's.
You may get a better response if you post your stats, hps, present MR, mana etc while using the luck armor and all gear you will be using while wearing the armor.