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What are the different spell schools good for?


Last time I played a Mage thats all there was, Magery. Im looking to make a Mage after finishing my Tamer but now theres Spellweaving, Mysticism, and Necromancy. All we used to use was Explosion/FS combo and EVs now theres a lot more spells. Dont really know what the current goto template is or what spells to use.. I assume the base build still starts with Magery, Med, and Eval but what skills after that for strictly PvM. Whats a good build for Champing and one for Bossing since Im guessing they are different. Also can a Mage solo a Champ like a Sampire can? Finally what items will I need? Got some lucky drops with my Tamer so I can afford to splurge on the best.
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Seasoned Veteran
I think the ratman spawn is generally the preferred spawn for casters. Otherwise sampire are best all around for spawns. (Except for fel lord oaks spawn)

I think people generally go wraith form for mana leech and use wither.

I believe thunderstorm from spellweaving is also good for spawns.

I think it’s generally hard to do the other spawns solo with a caster, but I do know that ratman can be done by a solo caster pretty well.

Tamer/caster might work for other spawns, but they would fall far behind a sampire in terms in efficiency.

I’m not very familiar with casters for spawns, but I might only do ratman or lord oaks with a caster.

Interested to hear how casters handle spawns as I think it’s mostly as Samps


Lore Master
Spellweaving requires no regs, has a self rez, and a huge damage spell (wod), thunderstorm ignores terrain as an aoe(lowerish damage tho) and reaper form(sdi increase)

Mystic has healing stone(a reusable pot) spell stone(precast spell as a clickie) stone form, and RC. The 2 aoes are good, but need more than gm to cast reliably.

Pure mages can be good still, but you need slayer books, and SDI gear.