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What’s the best way to make money in uo now?!? And NO I'm not asking

I jumped on Facebook which I HATE but all my family is on there in a private group so I still use it. I do check out the Ultima online page and the first thing I see is "What’s the best way to make money in UO now?!?" which I new what the answer was gonna be and it was. Maybe 25 posts on there so far and everyone except one said to buy it with real money. That's so sad the game has went in this direction. I remember back when I was younger and just starting out in UO and all I could afford was a little stone one story house and my brother helped find me a spot in the swamp on Lake Superior which is where we played at. My biggest fear was coming and going from my house and trying not to get killed by a alligator. Well even with the parts of UO I don't like I do still play as much as I can but I still have many great memory's from years ago. :sword:

The Zog historian

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For me, it's selling event drops, and occasionally a vet reward. I'll shout out here to the guy some months ago who was looking to buy a first-year ethereal mount. Now it didn't matter to me what he wanted, so I asked how old his account was, and what ethy he'd like that his account could use. So you know what, I sold a cu sidhe ethy to him for what we'd agreed on for a first-year. I was almost as happy as he was to see him so happy.