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Welcome to the Memorial Forum



This forum has been created for the remembrance and recognition of those who we have lost but affected our community in such a deep and meaningful way we wish to preserve our goodbyes and sorrow at their passing. It will serve as an archive of threads that the community has expressed their condolences and memories of others, and can be viewable where as a normal thread would eventually archive and be inaccessable to the public.

This forum was inspired by the loss of Sallie, who was a regular of our U Hall forum for many years and touched many lives, and was dearly beloved by the community. When confronted with having to eventually unstick those threads it became clear we needed a place to bring them safe and sound to be viewed by those who were not ready for them to be sweft away by the day to day discussions and thus this forum is born.

The threads in this forum are by moderator/Admininstrator approval only to prevent disrespect or misuse of the forum. There will most likely be a revision of this post as needed and feedback is given in order to refine the statement and handling of the forum but now I simply hope that you find it a place to remember your friends on these boards and know you are not alone.

Bella Noire
UOSS Administrator


Stratics Veteran
I would like to remember a player on Europa who started the serf's guild and played the character Sally Buttons, who passed away in late 2012. I think her real first name was Julie. I still think of her from time to time, she is greatly missed. She had a tailor's shop in Ye Olde Post Office just outside Trinsic.


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Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
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Jaden Rain

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
I have recently returned and had heard of an old friend passing away , she played on Catskills, I kept in touch with a few people from uo over the 4 years I was away and had heard she had passed , now i come back and see several I remember and a sweet memorial for her on a Luna house rooftop, very beautiful if you go up on the roof and see it, really miss her. Her name was Tamar, just kinda wondered if there is ever memorial services for these players we lose