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Weapons of Guild Wars 2


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This section will cover the weapons in Guild Wars 2.

Weapons when equipped, will determine the players first five core skills by their profession of choice, in a player's skill bar.

Each profession will have be able to select weapons that is specific to their profession. There will be a total of 19 different types of weapons to choose from. Not all weapons will have the same use for each profession, which will give many varieties of uses of weapons in battles.

For example: These 3 professions can only use the war horn.

A Warrior may use a war horn and choose the skill ‘Charge.’ The charge skill grants swiftness to the player and surrounding allies. Also the horn used by the warrior can cure them of freezing, crippling, and immobilization.

The Ranger may use a war horn and choose the skill ‘Hunter’s Call’ and a swarm of hawks come and attack your target.

The Necromancer may use a war horn and choose the skill ‘Wail of Doom.” This skill will inflict daze, poison and weaken on your foes.
So the understanding from this information not all professions will have access to all the weapons and the professions that can share the same weapon has different uses for them.

Environmental weapons can be obtained by players interacting with in the world. So when a player obtains one of these weapons your first 5 skills on your skill bar will change. The same rule applies as regular weapons that professions may use the environmental weapons differently than the other professions. Some environmental weapons can be found and others can be summoned by certain professions to use.
You can view this you tube video from KaeyiDream. ( In the video at 2:19 she talks about environmental weapons)


Weapons can be acquired many ways with in the game and will be scaled to the size of the character. Norns are huge and Asura’s are small. The weapon will be scale based to fit their respective race but still have that distinct look for both races perspective of size of those weapons.

1) Purchased from a weapon smith.

2) Crafted through the disciplines of weapon smith, huntsman, and artificer.

3) A loot drop from a monster or a chest after killing a boss.

4) A reward from completing parts of your personal story.

5)A reward from completing a dungeon's story mode.

6) A reward from the Hall of Monuments ( This pertains to the Eye Of the North expansion in GW1)
Character weapons are split into three primary categories.

- One handed: These weapons can be wielded in either the main hand, the off hand, or one in each hand, depending on the profession.
- Two Handed: These weapons requires both hands to wield it
- Off Hand: These weapons can only be used in the off hand

The first five skills on a skill bar will change accordingly when a weapon is equipped by that profession. A weapon in the main hand will determine the first 3 skills while a weapon in the off hand will determine the last two skill slots.

For example: A Guardian with a one handed and an off hand weapon.

A Guardian uses a sword in their main hand which would give them the first 3 skills for the first 3 skill slots, Sword of Wrath, Flashing Blade, and Zealot's Defence.

The same Guardian uses a shield in their off hand which gives them the last 2 skills for the last 2 slots, Sheild of Judgement and Shield of Absorption

Two-handed weapons will determine all five skill slots. Once a player chooses a two-handed weapon then all 5 skills will change accordingly to that weapon of choice.

For Example: A Guardian with a two-handed weapon.

The Guardian above would decide to use a two-handed hammer which would give them 5 skills for all 5 skill slots, Hammer Swing, Mighty Blow, Purge Conditions, Banish, Ring of Warding.
Skills are fixed for each profession's weapon and cannot be changed. Now these weapons can be augmented through traits. These traits can be acquired in PvE by completing profession challenges scattered throughout the world and are only can be used after the player reaches level 15. Traits will grant bonuses to those skills if they are equipped on the player. Each profession has around a 100 traits.

The thief third skill will be determined by both the main and off handed weapon.

For Example: A human thief.

The thief has in his main hand a dagger and off hand a pistol. The third skill is Shadow Shot.

The same thief has in his main hand a dagger and off hand a dagger. The third skill is now Leaping Death Blossom.
Six out of the 8 professions have the ability to switch between to weapons sets while they are in combat. The elementalist and Engineer work differently.

Elementalist have attunements which is a special type of skill specific to the them only. They have four attunements, which are fire, water, earth, and wind. They will be located separately above the skill bar since they are considered special skills. Activating any attunement will change the 5 skills in the 5 skill slots. You can also change attunement midcast which causes the other attunements to recharge.
The Engineer will have a backpack and weapon kits skills which will allow them to change weapons. The backpack and weapon kits for the engineer is a special ‘utility skills.’ and when they use a backpack /weapon kits, the engineer equips current weapon and skills are replaced with specialized ones. Engineers can toggle back and forth between backpacks/weapon kits and their current weapon.


Weapons can have special or unusual attributes.

For Example: Physical Ghastly Weapons

These weapons can heal the player during the day and steal health from enemies at night. Other weapons might inflict a condition when achieving a critical hit.

The blue is how they are viewed at night and during the day they don’t have the blue hue and look plain like the bottom.

Players can also wear their weapon on their hip or back of their character. This causes the character movement speed to increase if a weapon is stowed away. If a player has their weapon wielded their movement speed is not as fast.

You can also view this video from SageLikeOne
All information was gathered from these sources, GW2 Wiki, SageLikeOne, Kaeyidream, and guildwars2.com


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Over at GuildWars2Junkies author Jason Dodge put together this great chart about weapons. Pay attention to the diagrams he marked on the use of the weapons. The picture will enlarge when you click on it. He put a lot of effort and work in this and words can not describe how much the GW2 community could express.

Thank you Jason Dodge and Guildwars2Junkies for all your hardwork and efforts. Please visit their site and support their efforts.

Link: Weapon Set Themes by Class Infograph | Guild Wars 2 Junkies

In an effort to help those who might be confused with the trinity-free class system Arenanet has employed, we’ve created a easy reference guide to how weapons and roles (offensive, defensive, and support) breakdown. We have broken down, class by class, each weapon and assigned it a Defensive, Offensive, Healing and Support “theme” to them.

While most healing weapons can be considered Support, we’ve split Healing and Support apart. Many of these weapons can be called something else because a lot of them do damage, support and other controlling effects. We assigned weapons certain categories based on an overall theme and not something hard coded into the class.

Many of these suggestions are mere interpretations; for example a Warrior with a Hammer is not a “tank”. The Hammer has many controlling abilities like knock downs, knock backs, cripples and weakens. We consider controlling type weapons as “Defensive”. The “Healing” label is not exactly a healer as you would expect in a DIKU-based MMO like Rift or TOR. The

Guardian “Heal” weapon has some defensive and offensive characteristics that might label it as support, but we thought it was important to show which weapon sets allowed for ally healing.

NOTE: This chart only looks at weapon sets and not healing, utility or elite skills. A new chart will follow showing those skills separately. Source for this material can be found in the GW2Wiki which sources most of the recent February Beta Event.


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