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Waypoint Weekly Wrap-Up - 7.21.12



You're a busy person, and we have a thing for releasing as much Halo-related content our multi-fingered appendages can handle. That meansassuming you aren't a speed reading super-soldieryou probably missed a few stories along the way. Not only do we forgive you, but we'll also happily provide a convenient weekly wrap-up of absolutely everything we covered during the last seven days. Don't worry about saying thank you. We'd rather you spend that time soaking in the goodness that is this entertaining collection of articles. Off you go!

NewsThe Halo Bulletin: 7.18.12
343 Industries Community Playdate, 7.19.12
Super Jackpot Weekend: July 20-22
Office of Halo Intelligence: Part 9

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Coverage Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - The Master Chief
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Interview with Anna Popplewell
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Interview with Director Stewart Hendler

VideosHalo 4 E3 Demo Recreation - A Mega Bloks Stop Motion Video
Halo: Reach MLG Top 10 Plays 18
2012 RTX Grifball Panel Highlight Reel
Execution - A Halo: Reach Ninjatage
Couple Meet in Real Life Five Years After Connecting on Halo
Rooster Teeth Expo 2012 - 405th Shenanigans
Forge Cafe Halo: Reach Map Spotlight 4 - Tension
Fails of the Weak 96

Fun StuffTattoo Tuesday: Emile-A239
Halo IRL: Wiping the Galaxy Clean of All Termite Life
Figures in Action - Halo Beauty
Friday Caption Fun 59

Community HappeningsBridging the Gap Between All Communities in Halo
Waypoint Community Modcast - Episode 20
HaloTracker's Premium Forge
MixMasterChief's Halo 4 Impressions
Signed Halo 4 SDCC 2012 Posters - Charity Auctions
Community Customs Night: 7.20.12
Halo Waypoint Defiant Achievements Playdate: 7.20.12

Halo: Reach ScreenshotsCausatum – Simply Amazing
Zealot – Completely Bad Ass
>Splattered – Freakin’ Funny
Autumn Leaves – Simply Amazing

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