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[Gardening] Watching Pampas Grass Grow


Anticipation "grows" as the final preparations for this year's
tournament are diligently completed.

Sonoma will be 2016's generous host for + V O T A N O L O G O S ~ T O U R N U A +
(all are welcome to participate and/or pledge, but the winnings will be distributed on Sonoma)

Coverage of the event will occur *here*
(and among other channels)

Regular participant progress updates will be posted here by myself and others,
as will announcements of prize pledges from *you* the spectators ! ! !.

Who will be this year's winner of the Trophy ?
(and thus dubbed Champion of the Campions)

Who will win this year's first raffle
(held on May Day 2016)
for a Raised Garden Bed ?

What wondrous prizes will our determined botanists be competing for this year ?

If you wish your pledges to remain anonymous, inform me of such,
I shall assist as needed.

hoping to encourage "deciduous" pursuits among the "populas",
Breaking the 4th wall, one post at a time ~
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Week 1
"Seed Money"

Legendary = 1,000,000 gold coins
Elder = 500,000 gold coins
Grand Master = 250,000 gold coins



Many tracked entries "went missing"

A case for a Botanist Detective ?

If you have any leads, or know of the whereabouts of any other APR 1ST Flora
please post them here -

(There was some mix up with "shard time - vs - posted event time . . . you can blame the fool who posted them ~)
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This week's progress report to follow soon,
in the mean time, a message for all the "Bushido Botanists" out there

- You know who you are !