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[WAR Official News] What's New in Wrath of Heroes?

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Stratics Veteran
The servers are back online with patch 0.25. Here are some of the changes:
  • Zathis the Dark Elf Assassin has arrived on the battlefields. As usual he will be available for Gems only during the first week.
  • Alchemy is there. Find out what you can do with extra Masteries that you're not using.
  • The Ornament system launches Phase Two - you can now earn Hero-specific trophies.
  • New Free Heroes for this week are: Durrig, Glowgob, Korith and Ilanya.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues with the current build:
  • Currency: There is a known issue that if you purchase Gems, the client will not update properly. For this beta, please use the ‘refresh’ button beside the currency totals to manually update.
  • Store: If you find a bug or have an issue, note it and try refreshing the store via the home button on the browser window or relogging into the client.
  • Graphics: Occasionally VFX will stick on characters during game play.
  • Ornaments: The Tribute to Khaine will not display on Korelei when her second skin is used, and the Blades for Khaine's Favor will not display on Zathis when his second skin is used.
Please note that known issues will be removed and moved to the patch notes section below when resolved. If you find any other issues, email them to [email protected] General feedback can be directed to [email protected]

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