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[WAR Official News] Serkhet's Abilities

WAR Stratics

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Stratics Veteran
The wrath of a thousand years is coming to the battlefields! The Tomb Kings Scorpion Construct Serkhet is out there to bring a horrible defeat to all enemies of Nehekhara. Beware of venomous attacks and power pincers.
Serkhet's Abilities:
Pincer – Deals damage.
Tail Spike – Damage, and you take less damage.
Dual Pincers – Damage twice.
Poison Spray – Cone magical damage and you apply 3 stacks of Toxic Barb.
Burrow – Close area damage and snare.
Toxic Barb – All of Serkhet's attacks cause the target to take magical damage over 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Bolstered – Passive: Your health is increased per Tomb Kings character in your group.
Battle Strategy:
  • Playing as Serkhet is all about stacking Toxic Barbs on as many enemies as possible, as quickly as possible. This makes Poison Spray an idea opening attack; just be sure to aim it correctly.
  • Keep a close eye on Tail Spike's cooldown - keeping it active as much as possible will greatly increase Serkhet's survivability.
  • While most of his attacks are physical strikes, Serkhet's poisonous Toxic Barbs deal magical damage. Don't shy away from fights with heavily-armored enemies, but always keep your eye open for more vulnerable targets to switch to after you've gotten Toxic Barbs fully stacked up.
Close your eyes, this might sting.

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