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VvV Publish Update Proposal

Hello All,

With VvV being out several years now, it occurred to me that it would be nice if the current system had some new toys to play with. Here is my attempt to create some additional wrinkles to the VvV system based on other in games systems, hopefully increasing incentive and opportunities for PvP and at the same time not creating imbalances in player abilities or economic opportunities.

Let me know what you think and thank you for your consideration.

Publish ------------- VvV Update

After years of warring, control of specific Felucca cities by various Vice vs. Virtue (VvV) guilds has become reality. These hard fought territorial victories are being used to consolidate power and increase city production. VvV guilds now realize Felucca Cities are the means in which to achieve their ultimate goal: the destruction of their enemies.

Vice Roy’s

In order to administer a town’s production and defense, controlling VvV guilds are appointing city leaders who have styled themselves as Vice Roy’s. Vice Roy’s are elected every four (4) months on the city stone by individual VvV players. Any VvV player is able to run for Vice Roy, but the election system is based on individual VvV Characters using their Total VvV score from the previous four (4) months to support a candidate. When a character choses to support a Vice Roy candidate, they will be asked how much of their Total VvV score from the previous four (4) months they would like to assign to that candidate. An individual character may divide up their points between any numbers of Vice Roy candidates, until all their Total VvV score points have been assigned. Any assignment of VvV Total score points is final and can’t be undone. Vice Roy candidates will also be allowed to allocate their own points to any candidate they wish, including themselves. The candidate on each city stone with the most points at the end of the one week election cycle will be declared the Vice Roy for four (4) months.

There will be 1 Vice Roy for each of the Ten (10) Major Felucca cities, including Bucs Den. A guild or alliance may only control a maximum of two cities at once. If at any time a Vice Roy joins a guild or alliance that already has control of two cities, that player will be removed as Vice Roy and a new election for Vice Roy will begin immediately. VvV players who aren’t part of a guild will not be permitted to run for Vice Roy.

A Vice Roy may choose to appoint a new Vice Roy from their guild or alliance at any time during their term and the newly appointed Vice Roy will finish the remainder of the four (4) month term. If a Vice Roy goes inactive for more than 30 days, the first guild mate or alliance member to apply for the position will be made the Vice Roy and will serve the remainder of the 4 month term. Should no Vice Roy be elected at the end of the election period, an election period will continue to loop each week until one is elected.

City Production Specialty: (Buff that lasts and can be obtained every 24 hours)

FC 1


HLD 5%

SDI 5%

SSI 5%

MR 2



LMC 5%

A player will click on the town stone and select: Claim Production Specialty. A Gump will appear with all the above listed buffs from which the player may choose one benefit.

The city stone is funded through faction silver points and requires 750 per day to provide the production specialty. Players may either donate directly or purchase titles to fund the stone.

A player must be in VvV in order to claim the production specialty.

Only fellow Guild or Alliance members of the Vice Roy may claim the town production specialty.

The production specialty only applies in Felucca or Felucca ruleset areas.

City Production Quest

The Vice Roy will also be allowed to place once a week, near the City stone, one of three unique production quest givers at a cost of 2000 Silver Points. This will be drawn from the City stone and Players may either donate directly or purchase titles to fund the stone. The use of an auto renew feature will be available if there is adequate Silver Points on the city stone.

A player must be in VvV in order to claim the production quest.

Only fellow Guild or Alliance members of the Vice Roy may claim the town production quest.

The quest must be turned in to the quest giver before the quest giver resets on Tuesday of each week, or wait for that same quest giver to be placed again.

Each quest may only be completed once each week per player or account depending on the quest restrictions. Vice Roy’s who don’t place their quest givers in a timely manner or utilize auto renew, reduce their Guild/Alliance opportunities to complete the weekly quest.

Quest Giver 1– John the Payroll Specialist: Gives each account 50,000 Gold per week to help defray the insurance costs of battle. This quest must be manually accepted each week in order for the gold to be obtained.

Quest Giver 2- Richard the Operations Manager: Consumes all of a player’s valor and ability to gain valor for one week. In return, the quest makes a players Justice immune to decay or loss until reset on Tuesday Morning after maintenance. Players will still need to gain justice in order to receive the benefits of it, this quest merely keeps it from decaying from use during the weeks’ time period.

Quest Giver 3- Natalie the Supply Chain Professional: For each player that gains looting rights on a T2A Champion spawn, the quest reward will provide one power scroll with the same spawning properties and intensity currently seen from power scrolls rewarded directly from Spawn Champions. (I.e. one scroll intensity of 110, 115, or 120 with the same chance to spawn as if it was awarded from a Champ)

VvV Titles (Only available to Guild/Alliance Members of the Vice Roy)

Meat Shield of (City Name Here) – 8,000 Silver points.

SupaL33t – 12,000 Silver points.

Group Captain of (City Name Here) – 15,000 Silver points.

Field Marshall of (City Name Here) – 17,000 Silver points.

Vice Roy of (City Name Here) – (only available to current Vice Roy position holders) – 20,000 Silver points.

Misc VvV Updates

With responsibility for security now firmly in the hands of the Vice Roy’s, all Felucca town guards have been recalled to Trammel to replenish the ranks of the Britannian Guard lost in the Elemental Invasion. Players will no longer be able to call for their assistance in Felucca.

VvV Silver Traders will now only spawn in Felucca.

The cap for Silver Points has been raised to 21,000.

A variety of new vanity items has been made available for purchase on the silver traders.

The Harrower hit points have been increased by 30%


Stratics Veteran
I would like any update to the vvv system. It’s been out for years and they haven’t added anything. It’s just become stale.