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VVV Flagging

Daemon McCrowley

Stratics Veteran
It was mentioned in another thread, that VVV flagging may or may not be working as intended. I ahve opened this thread to hopefully get that sorted. Pawain and Malag both indicated some frustration with blues, and flagging. So just to get things started:

This is a simple demonstration. A VVV toon freshly logged in does not show the vvv tag. Once that toon enters fel the vvv tag is displayed, and seems to remain displayed even on other facets until the toon logs out. If a non vvv toon attacks the vvv toon they get a warning that they are about to be flagged *unless that is turned off in player options* If the vvv player dies to the non vvv aggressor, the aggressor remains flagged orange until he is killed.

I think what the players are saying is that when they take thier blues to fel, and a vvv player attacks a member of thier blue group, and another member of that group then attacks (aggresor) the vvv member to defend thier friend, they turn orange.

I think one complaint was that a player attacked a vvv pet and then was flagged and so all area damage and pets were attacking him.

Anyways, the original thread wasnt about VVV flagging or VVV at all, so I opened this thread.

Looking for input as to how it works, how its supposed to work, so players venturing into fel can be aware of some things they can do to avoid being orange until killed.


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
No clarification required, if you're non VvV and engage in a fight with a VvV member, (either by healing them or attacking them) you're considered VvV too until death by any means. However other non VvV players are free to assist you (by healing) without risk of turning orange themselves.