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VooDoo Witch's Grimoire

Phoebe Nox

Remember this is an Ancient Family Heirloom Grimoire... of Phoebe Nox
~*So you know its gotta be Odd, You just have to look*~

*Opened Laying on a Table at the Dragons Nest ~*
*Looking down to the opened book the title at the top of the page reads..*

Foolishness and Curiosity's

*scrawled to the side in red ink*
Gran`Pappy Gator words of wisdom I listened to as a child were true, one can turn a Human or such being into a Toad

Enchantment of the Vile Croaker

1 - Dread Horn Mane
1 - Stem of Coruption
2 - Blight
1 - eye of travesty
5 - scales of a King Fish
4 - Void Orb

*written under the list of ingredients in the red ink from the side note you notice it say...*
~Plus my own secret Ingredient~

Sun dry ingredients
Combine and crush
Store in a dark place or inside a pouch

To Use:
Cast or to be blown in dust form across a pile of Blackrock Dust
and _____ *the ink on the page is wet and blurred and incomprehensible, but at the bottom you can make out the words*

...._____with the Kiss of a ______........

~all these ingredients plus the blood of Medusa and a tear from a slug to counteract this spell~ *is again written in red at the bottom of the page*

*Curious so you start Flipping through pages backward, looking at the page it reads...*

Tales of a Wol.....

*You hear footsteps,...... someone's coming and you must get outta this room before you are seen*