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General Vendor Search Problem on Sonoma

Angel of Sonoma

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Supporter
Items are not showing up in Vendor Search on Sonoma. Example:
I put an Emerald of the Rondorin Empire on my vendor 3+ days ago. It does not show up when I search "Emerald". I even put Emerald in the description. I've tried searching on different characters / different accounts and it doesn't show up. I can get a hit on it if I search "Empire".

If I log into Atlantic and do a vendor search on "emerald" I see lots of Emerald of the Rondorin Empires for sale. Why is the search failing on Sonoma but it works on Atlantic?

BTW... there are 2 emeralds currently for sale on Sonoma, one mine and another on someone else's vendor, neither of them show up when searching keyword 'emerald'.