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Using Stratics

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Mystic Princess

History Perhaps as I only have 79 Posts to date roughly, the history of Statics goes a long long way, I have been using it from the onset, when we joined ultima, and it has always been a huge source to all the UO players, for those who participate and those who are on the constant look out for information. 1997 I did my first attempt at writing on these boards, and the success they have enjoyed is second to none for an information site.

The Hubby Shazzam on Stratics and in uo, is a bigger poster here always coming back just to look, we like to see what Petra and the gang are up to, as oddly you miss these people from way back, especially when you can kill Terry on the quiet... but it all holds a special place here on the boards.

I love Vanguard as a game and their forums are fine, but Stratics could be equally helpful and useful to VG itself..... Why? Well you have more freedom of speech and that’s the crux, So SoE does not?....... no not at all, but........ and here is the but.

SoE vanguard forum lately has become a ground for abuse and people are more and more off put by posters, I am not even sure where this new trend came from, don't get me wrong SoE vanguard forum is run to perfection, but players seem more and more inclined to pounce on every little new poster for an opinion, I love Stratics as a big uo fan although ok I abandoned my well loved game, probably log in every Christmas to feed the pets, saying that now I prove its not fully out of the system.

UO Statics, has every bit of information and it has never made the game easy by being there, the fun we have had, it has always managed to achieve brining each and every server together, yes you get trolls arguments the diehard fans who would drool on any passing dev and lick them in the nether regions because they wear rose colour specs, but uo Stratics have always been a place to pull together, can't we do the same with Vanguard? yes SoE has good forums, but to be honest we are demoralizing our own Devs now, that was never or should ever be the plan, I would rather see an offside board like this to vent that kind of frustration rather than the official ones, leaving information, and devs to feel like they can step up to the plate.. They may be big boys but believe me I have had a dev really irked by a post, that shows they are as not thick skinned as you a VG player would like to think.

Why have both? above reason, plus you can vent differently here, you can give better information, leave the soe boards for helping new players, discussing genuine problems approaching staff, let Stratics be part of that duel community thing, it’s worked fine all these years we should take full advantage of it, Stratics is and always has had a huge population of people, some not registered, but a lot love to troll forums, those people in turn get curious about this game, it’s an opportunity us as the player base has to show off to the world Vanguard the game for what it is. It takes your breath away no doubt about it, and this side vent could lead to taking that presiour off the devs by not actually irking them over there. Yes simple lol

I want Vanguard to be my home for many many years, Vanguard is my new UO and it is the most beautiful game internally I have ever seen, yes it has its bugs (UO 2008 still has bugs) bugs and minor glitches are work through able, loosing direction is what we are all feeling at the moment, so let’s advertise our game, and have a site like Stratics UO would be a fab start, get some passion and passionate people and you have a sound community and self advertisement.

I would just love to see the Stratics of UO for the Stratics of VG being similar; I miss Stratics and what it has done for my uo game play, my graphics, and my enjoyment of information.

I know I go on a bit and I know I’m one sarcastic nut, but Stratics could really work for us and with us, just to open our community to a huge audience, and away from the centralisation of SoE themselves, get us out there let us have our babble thread, and our one word associations, we want to breathe life into what is a dam good well thought out game, and give our devs time to make it what it could be, and I don't really care about fans of wow and eq1 I have never played, vanguard should be vanguard and I believe it has the heart to be nothing like the other two games and can think outside the box and be itself, which it really does deserve.

Please long live Vanguard I want to say in another 11 years, morning Stratics peeps were still here and be up there with the UO fans. Love or hate my post, I adore my game and want it to be home for a very long time.
This might all confuse you but you get the drift ;)