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(Player Event) (Updated) February 2021 Chesapeake Events and Welcome to all New and Returning Players


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There are a lot of different events that are hosted by very dedicated players each week on Chesapeake. There are also one time special events planned for the upcoming month's. These events are designed for all players to participate, regardless of your skill type. If you have problems with completing any of the prerequisites for these events, there are always players willing to help. If you have an event or correction for date and/or time of existing event, please contact me and I'll update the event schedule.

All Events are listed for Eastern Time

Weekly Events:
Sunday's are the Queen at 7:30 pm (Currently alternating between Zippy and the Queen each month)
Sunday's are the Pitts immediately after the Queen (Pitts and Quests are required to fight the Queen. This gives you a week for Quests)
Sunday's are Charybdis at 8:30 pm (High Seas expansion is required)
Monday's are The Roof at 8:30 pm (Completion of all the Shadowguard rooms are required) (Time of Legends is required)
Note: Roof will be done after the White Net Toss on the 2nd Monday of the month
Tuesday's are PaxLair meeting at 9:00 pm (Don't have to be a member to attend)
Wednesday's, except 3rd Wednesday of the month, are the EM Event at 9:00 pm
Thursday's, except last Thursday of the month, are Game Night at 8:30 pm, (Event and locations are announced at PaxLair meeting and are open to all players)
Note: Anyone can sponsor the Thursday Night Game Night
Thursday 4th 8:30 pm Void Pool to break the record.
Thursday 11th 8:30 pm Valentine Chutes and Ladders
Thursday 18th 8:30 pm Humility Spawn
Thursday 25th 8:30 Travesty and Lady Mel

Monthly Events:
Governors Meeting at 9:00 pm 3rd Wednesday of the month (Meeting open to all players)
Auction 2nd Friday at 9:00 pm at Da Magincia Aucshun Houze in New Magincia (Someone will be there an hour before auction to accept items)
White Net Toss, 2nd Monday of the month at 8:30 pm (Net Toss on Pitmuck Island)
Fishing Contest, Fish of the month is the Great Barracuda. Fish is listed in book at Da Magincia Aucshun Houze FIZHING CONTEZT!!!!!!
City of Yew Beast of the Month Event (Player Event) - City of Yew's Beast of the Month Event for February
Corgul Hunt, 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm before the Governors meeting (High Seas expansion is required)
Treasure Hunt 4th Saturday of the month at 8:00 pm Meet at West Britain Bank
Treasure Hunt More Treasure Around Britain. Saturday Feb 27th starting at 8pm EST

One Time Events:
Corwyn Library Book Drive Corwyn Library Book Drive
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For new and/or returning players, could you describe what some of this means?

" Sunday's are the Queen " is this a champion spawn of some sort?

Zippy and the Queen are Eodon quest chains that culminate in the destruction of the Boss. The Pitt's are a prerequisite to doing the respective quest chain. You can fight Zippy with Warriors, Tamers, or Mages. The Queen uses poison, so the best types to fight her are ranged Warriors, Tamers with a pet immune to poison, or Mages. I have added links that describe the components of the events listed. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to participate in any of the events.

Zippy The Zealotry of Zipactriotl – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Queen Exterminating the Infestations – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Pitt's The Myrmidex Threat – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Charybdis Charybdis – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Roof Shadowguard – Ultima Online (uo.com)

Corgul Corgul the Soulbinder – Ultima Online (uo.com)
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