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Update: Energy Multipliers for Siphoning Mages

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Stratics Veteran
Hello all,

As there has been some uncertainty about whether the energy dropped by Siphoning Mages during Guild Seasons is subject to seasonal multipliers, we wanted to provide clearer communication about how this feature will work going forward, in both the short and longer term.

In past seasons, energy generated by Siphoning Mages was included in the "points doubled" multiplier that went into effect on the final Invasion Day, but energy dropped by Siphoning Mages when they were killed was not.

For the current Energy Surge season, starting with the last Invasion Day on October 9 points and energy generated have been subject to a 2x multiplier, but energy dropped has not. Based on the rules announced for this season, this is considered a bug, and will be fixed with maintenance on October 13. The upcoming triple and quadruple multipliers on October 23 and October 30 will apply not only to Season Points, but also to all Siphoned Energy generated and dropped by Siphoning Mages. (You can view the full Energy Surge schedule and rules here.)

For Season 14 and beyond, Siphoned Energy, both generated and dropped, will be subject to the same multiplier. This normally occurs as a 2x multiplier on the final Invasion Day of the season, but may occur in other forms during unique seasons in the future.

Thanks for your feedback on this topic, and hopefully this addresses any remaining confusion about the issue.

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