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UOALIVE is an Active PvE Server | No Dono Items | New Player Friendly/Welcoming Population | UP TO DATE OSI Accurate | FAST PING | US/International



UOALIVE is an Active PvE Server | No Dono Items | Pure Gameplay | Mature/Welcoming Population | UP TO DATE OSI Accurate | FAST PING | Monthly Events | QoL Improvements | JOIN TODAY!

Discord: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!

Our website: UOAlive

UOAlive has always prided itself on not being the "biggest" or the "best" but 100% the most tight knit group of people who believe in being kind to one another in a game often wrought with toxicity.

With that in mind, we believe this is a great environment for all types of players. We welcome old and NEW players alike and with open, helping arms.
Many ask "Where is the best server",
I say this: just find a server with players you like and start a community within it. So we invite you all, local and abroad(we have a server that can give good ping to many different countries) to join us at UOAlive and let us help you create new memories with nostalgia attached, in character! Be it for PvE, A beer with friends, or some Role-play!

You can connect via discord immediately: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!

Our website: UOAlive

Player Testimonials: Player Testimonials

We support ALL clients and have tutorial videos to help you get playing immediately:



All others: Getting Started with the Login and Client Download Process

A place to tell your stories on the forums or discord with major EM events and Player run Newsletters:


Helping you tell your stories through social media:
Facebook: Log into Facebook
Reddit: r/UOAlive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOAlive

Using UO for more than a macro/script game, to get the depth out of the roleplay you deserve
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It's My Birthday
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Old school UO nerd here. I'm enjoying UO Alive quite a bit! The "free" skills make templating more fun and reduces the number of characters I need to build. Skilling up is quick, so don't stress about starting from scratch. Everyone is super helpful! Join us!

Schuyler Bain

Lore Master
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Stratics Legend

UOAlive has been my home port for the past 9 months. The community is one of the most supportive and diverse I have found. There is a always something to do and someone do to it with (if you choose) or if you prefer a solo session there is plenty of content to enjoy. If you are looking for a freeshard that looks and feels like modern UO but with Quality of Life enhancements that help you to enjoy the game and the community quickly I recommend you give UOAlive a go.

-The Captain


Been here for 3 months. Been a great experience. The added features add enough new things to learn to this old UO player while still feeling balanced and fair. The additional free skills open up a lot of fun possibilities (like my chef treasure hunter tamer fisherman). The people are very kind and eager to help out. The staff are fair and constantly pushing out new content which I appreciate.
Come for the people. Stay for those damn rare nightmares! One day I will tame one. One day.
If you do join say Hi to Stinky Pete!


Stratics Veteran
I always find it humorous that people can customize and run a free shard with tons new features that the "official" dev team is unable to do with production shards.


I've been playing here for a few years as a casual player and can't imagine playing anywhere else. Here's a few reasons why:
  • I'm a casual player, I typically play no more than 4 hours a week. The fast skill gain made it extremely easy to get myself up and started and allows me to shift my templates as needed without having to stop having fun and grind skills for a few days. It also means that those templates that you thought were out of reach due to extreme grinding are yours for the taking!
  • The staff has always been extremely responsive and willing to accept feedback to make quality of life changes. This is what makes the shard truly "Alive". That's not to say the changes are made at the whims of the players, they're generally discussed amongst all and agreed upon, and then thoroughly tested for balance.
  • The shard has folks all around the world which generally means there's always someone on even if your prime game time is 4am EST.
  • The culture of the shard is extremely healthy, there are no divas, everyone is willing to help each other even if it means slowing down and helping someone perform some menial tasks.
  • Old players returning, depending on when you last played UO, you get to play with all the new features. After 22 years of UO off and on, there's still things I haven't done and places I haven't been. If you're not in a great hurry, you'll be happy finding and experiencing the new content for a long time.

Join us! Hope to see you in game!

Dead characters from a past UO Life.
Shard: Atlantic
  • Sir Strumsalot
  • Jethro Tull
  • Bolvai
  • Flint


Babbling Loonie
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Does this have the old version of t-hunting or the new 'revamped' one?


I would like to give this Shard a try, can I have the official UO Classic, and UO Alive Classic on the same computer? Or do I need to remove the UO Classic that I am currently using, maybe change over to Enhanced UO? To be able to run both games on the same CPU?


I would like to give this Shard a try, can I have the official UO Classic, and UO Alive Classic on the same computer? Or do I need to remove the UO Classic that I am currently using, maybe change over to Enhanced UO? To be able to run both games on the same CPU?
You can use the same. We use the latest UO client you will need a client launcher from our website UOAlive click "play now"

Stinky Pete

Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
And just like that this private free shard has matched the developers in communications and i bet their website still works
This particular shard has awesome communication with their players. I see @tr1age in all kinds of UO channels promoting their shard. It looks awesome and I always recommend it to anyone looking to make a move.


Slightly Crazed
  • Secondary skills won't count toward 720 cap such as lockpicking and fishing for unique builds
Which skill count as secondary, by the way?


This particular shard has awesome communication with their players. I see @tr1age in all kinds of UO channels promoting their shard. It looks awesome and I always recommend it to anyone looking to make a move.
Thanks Pete! And can I just say, I followed your work for my childhood and I need to say you are part of my fondest memories of UO so thank you for the amazing compliment it means the world to me and our team!

  • Secondary skills won't count toward 720 cap such as lockpicking and fishing for unique builds
Which skill count as secondary, by the way?
We actually just rehauled that system completely. Feel free to take a look here! Custom Content - Quality of Life Changes Checklist on UOAlive Hop in discord if ya have any other questions for sure :)

And just like that this private free shard has matched the developers in communications and i bet their website still works
Yeah our website does indeed work and never goes down =D We try our best to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone. Less downtime for you means more gametime. And less downtime for us means less stress haha


Thought you would all like something, we have been going back to specs and builds that have been left to the wayside by OSI and adjusting them to be viable again without effecting the current metas or off meta builds. This one is called The Summoner! Custom Content - The Summoner Breakdown


Oh and can't be a newsletter without a comic!

Anon McDougle

Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Thought you would all like something, we have been going back to specs and builds that have been left to the wayside by OSI and adjusting them to be viable again without effecting the current metas or off meta builds. This one is called The Summoner! Custom Content - The Summoner Breakdown

View attachment 141554
View attachment 141555
View attachment 141556

Oh and can't be a newsletter without a comic!
View attachment 141557
Have you considered seeking employment at broadsword


This I think a lot of you would be interested in. It is an exclusive Quest we made, utilizing instanced phasing, party mechanics, and group mechanics. VERY Fun and original Quest.

The Skull of Power
By TomJ - he hates the spotlight, but you should all tell him it is awesome anyway.
This Quest is inspired from Ultima Lore and a "simplified" D&D mindset.


In the land of Sosaria, a noble merchant named Elboron has been stricken with worry. His daughter, a fair maiden of great beauty and wit, has chosen to forsake her family's ways and venture out to become a sorceress of great power. Elboron knew not where she had gone nor what dangers she might face, for the world was a treacherous one, full of dark powers and malevolent creatures.

Desperate to find his daughter, Elboron heard tales of brave adventurers passing through the Three Stones Tavern. He seeks out mages, warriors, summoners, paladins, and even the less savory necromancers, all in the hopes of finding a group of courageous heroes who will aid him in his quest.

And so, the call has gone out across the land, calling upon those who will take up the noble quest. The rewards will be great, for Elboron is a wealthy merchant and can offer a sum that would make any adventurer's heart skip a beat.

But this quest will not be easy. The heroes who answer the call will have to brave the dangers of the wilds, battle fierce beasts, dark magic, solve exceptionally complex riddles and outwit cunning foes who seek to use Elboron's daughter for their own nefarious purposes.

And yet, for those who dare to take up the quest, there is great honor and glory to be had. For they will be remembered in the annals of Sosaria as the ones who saved the noble merchant's daughter, and perhaps even more… as something else foul may be afoot… something in the shadows… but [perhaps that is simply] a rumor?"?

So, will you heed the call of Elboron and take up the quest to find his daughter? Will you be the heroes who brave the dangers of the wilds and overcome the challenges that lie ahead? The fate of Sosaria rests in your hands, brave adventurer.


And the latest newsletter about it with player Testimonials

RqGbqo0.png rP6ZaSD.png 63uHkcu.png
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So we added something pretty unique to the server recently. I think the OSI peeps are gonna like this, we made it seem like an April first joke, but in the end it was real!

8tfRFEL.png 1rPc7wj.png w6JVTOn.png

As well as a few other QoL features:

Vendor History:


Visual Stables:
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I played Official UO for 15 years and after 10 years away I came back and reactivated my account. Sadly, not many people were playing on Lake Austin so I started looking at more populated free servers. I eventually landed on UOAlive and have been enjoying myself there with a fantastic community for the last 2.5 months. I am absolutely sure I have found my new UO home. Check it out--I am sure you will love the old-school feel with amazing quality-of-life adjustments.


A few updates we have done recently.

Overhauled Animal lore gump.

Overhauled Stables:
Pet Stables.png

Vendor Search overhaul. You can buy directly from it as well, no need to go to a vendor! Like a Modern Global vendor Market.
VendorSerarch.png Pets.png

Never lose an item that is unlocked again in your house! 1682453503982.png


The NEW and IMPROVED UOAlive Magazine: Fireworks and Flamestrikes - Join UOAlive today, the #1 Populated PvM/PvE Ultima Online Server! - A special shout out to the new UOAlive Reporters for creating such a throwback to PC Magazine and GameSpot enthusiasts alike! WOW!

2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png



We just released a HUGE milestone update. Here is the breakdown!

Champion Spawn Teamwork
Instanced Loot
Epic IDOC Encounters
And more!


Harmony of Heroes
(Disclaimer: all sections will be explained in more detail, photos, wiki style, in a week or more from now to avoid spoiling too much of the exploration parts of the patch)

Introducing "Harmony of Heroes," our milestone patch for UOAlive, where the world comes alive and teamwork reigns supreme. Another step forward on our promise for 2023. Experience the modernization of Ultima Online while preserving its core essence.

Discover the power of choice with instanced loot, rewarding players for their unique roles and contributions, not punishing them for playing together. This feature alone, while seemingly insignificant, should ripple across your entire gameplay experience, adding balance to more and more encounters such as Blackthorne and Shadowguard and general gameplay. No more fighting with your spouse!

Prepare to unleash your prowess in the newly revamped Champion Spawns! Engage in thrilling encounters against the forces of evil, specially tailored to provide a balanced and challenging gameplay experience. Show your mettle and emerge victorious, as the best of the best will be rewarded with enticing extra treasures and rewards. Get ready to face the ultimate test and claim your place among the champions!

Immerse yourself in dynamic and thrilling IDOC encounters, Strategy, , Prowess, Teamwork, and Planning will be key!

And more!

Join us on this remarkable journey of teamwork, exploration, and growth. "Harmony of Heroes" awaits you in UOAlive, a living breathing world.

Instanced Loot

We have some exciting news to share with you about our latest initiative to bring UOAlive another step into the modern age.

Introducing instanced loot! This new feature is designed to encourage group play and make sure that everyone gets rewarded for their contribution, no matter what role they play. Bards can pick up their lutes, those who tend to heal party members, and those who previously may have felt left out due to lack of damage, will now receive their own loot for being part of the greater group.


As you may know, this is a sandbox game and we do not adhere to the trinity system. However, we understand that there are players who want to play a focused role some of the time. Rather than punishing players for not doing enough damage, we want to encourage people to play what they want to play. We’re not changing the core of the game design which is based around damage, but we are giving you a chance to be rewarded even if you are not TOP damage. It is a little bi-product of this entire thing!

This is a huge step forward in our commitment to open up group play, which has been lacking in Ultima Online for far too long. It should also allow for more interesting group makeups! We believe that instanced loot will be a game-changer and make UOAlive even more exciting and rewarding than ever before.

So, gather your party and get ready for some epic battles and rewards that follow for those who work together! UOAlive is evolving, glad to have you here!

Champion Spawns

We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to unveil the revamped Champion Spawn system, designed to bring even more excitement and rewards to your heroic endeavors with friends! Solo players, fear not! We understand the importance of catering to individual champions of the realm. As a result, solo players will receive a baseline of 6 scrolls, ensuring that this change won't impact your solo adventures. Keep rolling those scrolls at the current drop rates and conquer the challenges that lie ahead!

But for those who thrive in the company of allies, a plethora of new rewards and challenges await you!

How does it work?
When two or more players join forces, each participant will receive a guaranteed four scrolls from a Champion, along with the exciting tier bonuses they achieve together. Your teamwork clearing the Champion spawn will determine how you progress.

Now, let's talk about these bonus scrolls.

We're introducing three tiers of rewards and challenges.
These tiers are based on how well and how quickly you and your group progress through the champion waves and call forth the final champion boss.
  • In the third tier, you'll receive one extra scroll, increasing your chances of obtaining a coveted 120 power scroll.
  • As you ascend to the second tier, brace yourselves for an even greater treat - two extra scrolls!
  • And for those skilled enough to conquer the first tier, the rewards will be nothing short of extraordinary for extraordinary teamwork, as you'll receive three additional scrolls!
Regardless of the tier, all bonus scrolls will roll at the same rates, leveling the playing field and ensuring that each adventurer has an equal chance to secure extraordinary rewards. With this change, the market will flourish with better scrolls bringing some of the inflated prices in par with actual player income, encouraging groups to challenge themselves to beating timed challenges, and working together to organize groups to conquer the harder and less utilized Champion Spawns.

To avoid exploitation, the bonus scroll time window is based on the progress made - if 50% of the spawn remains, the time window is smaller, with 50% of the total time remaining when all players have achieved that champion’s required damage to the spawn. This tweak ensures that your efforts align with the time spent, adding a strategic element to your encounters and heightening the suspense as you strive for victory. (Call in your friends early and often!)

Our ultimate objective with this revamped Champion Spawn system is simple: to complete the spawns as quickly as possible, securing your place among the top-tier champions, as a team, and reaping the bountiful rewards. Group play becomes more crucial than ever before, as more participants make the path to triumph smoother and more attainable.

We've also taken steps to address any concerns about Champion sniping on our PvE server. To ensure fairness, players who contribute no damage during the spawn and only arrive for the boss fight will not be rewarded with any scrolls. It's time to prove your worth and demonstrate your dedication to the thrill of the entire Champion encounter, not just the “reward period”.

And we have an additional feature to enhance your champion hunting experience: the Champion Finder! No more tedious runebook hopping or guesswork about active spawns. Located in New Magincia on the Felucca Side(or for purchase in your home on the Magincia Essential Vendor), this powerful tool provides instant access to information about active spawns and which spawns have bonuses enables, enabling you to strategize and plan your adventures more efficiently. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to seamless Champion hunting!

Gear up, rally your allies, and prepare! The new Champion Spawn system awaits you. Embrace the challenge, rise to the occasion, and become the champions you were born to be!

  • Solo players receive 6 baseline scrolls at current drop rates, unaffected by the change. (this means at tier 3 you will receive a better drop chance of 120's and 1 extra scroll!)
  • Three tiers of rewards with a higher chance of 120 and 115 scrolls: 3rd tier receives 1 extra scroll, 2nd tier gets 2 extra scrolls, and 1st tier gets 3 extra scrolls.
  • When 2+ players participate, each receives 4 guaranteed scrolls plus tier bonuses.
  • Bonus scrolls roll at the same rates regardless of tier.
  • The spawn timer is advanced based on the remaining spawn percentage when multiple people participate.
  • The goal is to complete spawns quickly to achieve top-tier status and obtain more scrolls with better roll chances.
  • Group play is encouraged as it makes achieving top-tier status much easier.
    • If you join in an actual party you can heal, damage, or face tank, and the damage will still be distributed equally to all members to ensure everyone in the party is getting the points. You will want to all be doing damage as this still is a champ spawn, but if you are a bard enhancing the damage of your friend, you will not lose out on contribution points while in a party!"
  • You are no longer required to sit around the altar for the boss to “pop” as your spawn clearing abilities are weighted heavier and ultimately determine your tier.
  • You are not fighting to place higher than other players, you are all working together to beat the timers and everyone participating is automatically put into a “group”(this is not a party) that determines the overall contribution outcome.
  • No scrolls are rewarded if no damage is done during the spawn, reducing sniping on a PvE servers.
  • Champion Spawn Finder has been added and enhanced for use at the exchange or in your home!
  • The Bonus Tier champs will rotate, starting with the OG champs: Abyss, Deceit, Destard, Despise, Fire.

House Decay
  • House Decay Timers are changed from 90 days to a range of 50-70 days in the milestone.
  • All house durability classifications like "Like New" or "Fairly Worn" will now have variable time frames instead of fixed periods.
  • For instance, "Slightly" may fall within a range of 32 to 40 days, with a maximum of 40 days and a minimum of 32 days before it changes to the next condition. The range will gradually decrease as the condition deteriorates.
  • The IDOC (In Danger of Collapsing) will remain with the chance to fall between 5 to 24 hours.
Our aim is to enhance fairness and reward active gameplay, discouraging logins solely for refreshing homes. This new system introduces a random element in house decay to extend refresh times for active players. Players who login just to refresh homes will need to monitor their houses more closely to keep them within the 65-90 day range. These changes are not punitive; they promote fairness and a fair housing market for dedicated active players. Veterans can still maintain their houses, but may need to login more frequently if they don't actively participate. The new system aims to strike a fair compromise, allowing for growth while maintaining an equitable playing space for everyone, and prioritizing those who are active on the server. The minimum 50-day duration still provides ample time for house maintenance.
  • This won't affect vacations, military leave, emergencies, or other extenuating circumstances. Help tickets can be used to hold a home in such situations.
We providing advance notice for a smooth transition, giving players time to adjust their home refresh routines.

Vendor Decay

To align with the house decay adjustments, we have made changes to vendors:
  • reduction from 60 days to 45 days between refresh needed(dbl clicking your vendor).
We consider this a positive change as it ensures that only active vendors remain in towns and throughout the world, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic world marketplace.


Prepare for swift and seamless entry and exit as we introduce a ready check system, eliminating the previous wait times of 60 seconds or 5 minutes just to begin.
  • This change ensures a more efficient exploration of Shadowguard, saving you valuable time for your next grand adventure!
  • Additionally, we have listened to your feedback and adjusted the timers for Vile Elementals and Boss spawns within Shadowguard to further reduce these timers.
These adjustments may seem small, but they make a significant impact, making the instance more group play-friendly respecting your groups schedules! There is nothing Heroic about waiting around!

Oh and one more thing…

Epic IDOC Encounters

Prepare to experience the most thrilling and immersive IDOC(in danger of collapsing home) encounters like never before. We have toiled tirelessly to enhance the IDOC experience, transforming it into an epic group-oriented quest that will leave you laying dead in a pool of your own blood breathless. Say goodbye to the days of reality TV Container Wars and Dumpster Diver scenarios. Get ready to call for help! “Holy Hell, an IDOC SPAWNED! We need your help to DEFEAT this IDOC!”

At UOAlive, we never intended IDOCs to be a mere walk in the park for easy loot. The PvM aspect of our server may have made it seem that way, but fear not! We have unleashed an incredible and engaging gameplay mechanic that will make you feel the thrill of a PK (player killer) threat. Brace yourselves for a true group effort, where teamwork is essential to claim the glorious group rewards that await you!
  • Due to New Mechanics: Strategic Decision Making, Teamwork, and Hard Choices will have to be made on how to tackle these new IDOC Encounters!
Some houses in these encounters offer loot drops that rival even the highest of high-end content. It's only fitting that the battle to acquire these precious items matches the epicness of the rewards themselves. Face challenging encounters, formidable monsters, and engage in fierce battles alongside your fellow adventurers. This is your chance to prove your mettle and emerge victorious with all the shinies! But, beware, like Hansel and Gretel, if you come across a house filled with Candy, you may find yourself facing an evil witch! Don't let that deter you from putting breadcrumbs.

Remember, it's not just about the loot. It's about the journey, the challenge, and the camaraderie forged in the fires of battle.
Only the strongest and most united groups will prevail in these epic IDOC encounters or watch the spoils of war decay into the ground where not even Spirit Speak can recover it. Are you ready to embrace the adventure that awaits you?

Get ready, brave adventurers. The ultimate IDOC experience awaits!

Here's what you need to know:

  • House Items and Monsters: When a house goes IDOC, items no longer fall to the ground. Instead, they are placed individually into the inventories of fearsome monsters that spawn through a mystical portal. The strength and number of monsters depend on the total items in the house. Prepare for intense encounters!
  • Loot and Monsters: Encounter a mix of regional and global creatures. There are three tiers, each guarding a different number of items. Defeat the monsters to claim your rewards!
  • Loot and Combat: Yes, you can loot items from the corpses of these otherworldly monsters. Be aware of corpse decay timers, so plan your approach strategically. Engage in combat, deal damage, and seize your well-deserved spoils! Find strategies that work for you.
  • Challenges: Monsters are fiercely dedicated to protecting the hoard of loot they guard. Stay sharp as surprises await, and some monsters may even disguise themselves. Stay vigilant! Retreat is NOT an option.
  • Clues and Tools: The new and improved “House Hunter” in Magincia, your ultimate tool for seeking out homes on the brink of collapse. This magical enhancement enables more frequent use, granting you valuable insights to guide your quest. Armed with a general idea of where to begin, keep your senses alert as you embark on the new thrilling hunt for IDOC houses. Clues and hints will pave the way to these exhilarating treasures. Let the House Hunter be your starting point for an epic hunt for breadcrumbs!
  • Completion: As you progress, the portal that summoned the monsters will crack when you're halfway through the encounter. Once all monsters are defeated, the portal will vanish, signifying completion.
  • Caution: Be prepared for unexpected twists and challenges during these encounters. They can be wild and may require you to adapt and overcome them. Stay on your guard and look for visual clues!
Armed with this knowledge, prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with fierce battles, precious loot, and exciting surprises. Embrace the challenge and claim the riches that await you in the IDOC encounters!

Happy, ACTUAL IDOC “Hunting”, brave adventurers!

What’s Next?

Seriously?!? We just finished this Milestone… OK you are right we are also thinking toward the next thing! Well first let us discuss a feature we moved to be part of it’s own release: Encounters.


We recognized the importance of giving enough time to fully develop and keep our upcoming Milestone aligned with the core essence of "Harmony" in "of Heroes" in this Milestone. Our aim has been to create group events that are not only enjoyable but also enhance the immersive and thrilling nature of the world. While these encounters are designed to make the UOAlive universe feel more alive and dangerous, allowing players to experience them both with friends and as solo adventures, we felt they no longer were within the scope and theme of the HoH Milestone's core. By moving this feature, we have the opportunity to fully flesh out the idea and ensure its release meets the highest standards as well as really give the world a sense of danger and those adventuring solo OR together true challenges! Now, let's give you a sneak peek into the design document behind these exciting encounters:

Design Goals
  • make the world feel alive
  • enhance exploration fun
  • Bring new and old experiences hidden behind deep dungeon content into the world itself
  • Chance to spawn an encounter as players run around, giving the world a sense of danger.
  • Of those spawned a % should be treasure encounters, a way to learn treasure hunting without the skills.
  • Of the remaining “normal” encounters, a % those should be portal minichamps, bringing the Abyss into the world.
Types of Encounters:
  • Normal Encounters
  • Open Treasure Encounters
  • Portal Mini-champs
That is all we want to share now. But know, we have a lot of ideas and a ton of groundwork already laid for this. But we want more time to make it truly right.


We are looking into a way of making these skills viable again beyond it’s original design. Still very early in concepts.

More unique/rare/exotic/legendary tames
This speaks for itself. But we are also looking into revitalizing some of the “dead skills” on training as well.

Stay Tuned…

And that concludes our update for now. We want to keep some aspects under wraps as they are subject to change or may not come to fruition. However, we couldn't contain our excitement to share a glimpse of what lies ahead, especially since we have accomplished so much from our "On the Horizon for 2023" goals.

The journey ahead holds boundless possibilities, extending far beyond what we've mentioned here. Numerous projects are already in motion, each brimming with innovation and groundbreaking features. UOAlive is not simply an emulation of ServUO anymore. We are on the verge of transforming into a modern incarnation of Ultima Online, with distinctive systems and features that will set us apart to truly bring you an unforgettable and seamless experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the open-source materials that have brought us this far. However, we are now prepared to take bold strides forward, forging our own path towards a contemporary UO experience. Exciting times await as we redefine the landscape of UO gameplay.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each and every one of you, for without your unwavering support to UOAlive, none of this would be possible. This extraordinary community has exceeded our wildest expectations and surpassed even our grandest visions.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to witness the evolution of UOAlive like never before!

The UOAlive Team


7 years this shard has stood the test of time.
7 Years UOAlive has provided a home for us.
And 7 Years we have gone on adventure after adventure.
Looking back through the various newsletters you can see the passion this shard fuels.
To player run events, our community outreach by all members, QoL features, and more!
UOAlive continues to improve from its dedicated staff to YOU the player.
It takes each and everyone of you to help shape and build our world. Each day, each week, and each year we are excited to see what will come next!
To 7 more, Thank you UOAlive!

3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.gif 9.png 10.png


The latest UOAlive Newsletter/Magazine is out now @everyone , and it's filled with spine-chilling details about our Halloween Extravaganza! ✨

Dive into the spooky festivities that started October 1st:

Ghostly Events

Pumpkin Overload

Haunted Hedge Maze

Magincia Halloween Stone

House Deco Contest

Plus, join the Treasures of Halloween Past events and discover loot galore!

Read all about it and get ready for a memorable Halloween on UOAlive: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalive-newsletter-trick-or-treat-yourself-10-05-2023.1781/

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures in our hauntingly good newsletter!

The UOAlive Reporter Team ️

3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6gif.gif 7.jpg


Just wanted to drop a quick message and wish you all a Happy Holidays.

At 18(hehe) years old, I'm grateful to still be enjoying UO and connecting with so many awesome people who share the same passion. Here's to the joy of playing UO and the friendships we've built along the way. Happy Holidays from myself and UOAlive, and may your adventures in Britannia be filled with excitement and epic loot! And I do hope you all have family and friends you can spend it with as well. And if not, it is nice to know we have a community built on over 25 years of UO to spend it with as well.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!



Ever wondered what an IDOC would look like if it was an event versus a loot grab? If you had to fight for your chance to get some loot? If your participation was rewarded due to instanced loot?

Watch here:


WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! This video showcases the very first attempt of the Mythical Unicorn by three strangers who stumbled upon the event and became known as Team Skittles. Without any GM intervention, they managed to "complete" the event—although, spoiler alert, the Unicorn didn't make it in the end. We kept the part where the spawner broke due to a technical issue, and they had to pause for a few minutes while we fixed it before resuming from that point. There was no special treatment at all, and they even had to redo a wave due to our mistake.