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UOALIVE is an Active PvE Server | No Dono Items | Mature/Welcoming Population | UP TO DATE OSI Accurate | FAST PING | US/International



UOALIVE is an Active PvE Server | No Dono Items | Pure Gameplay | Mature/Welcoming Population | UP TO DATE OSI Accurate | FAST PING | Monthly Events | QoL Improvements | JOIN TODAY!

Discord: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!

Our website: UOAlive

UOAlive has always prided itself on not being the "biggest" or the "best" but 100% the most tight knit group of people who believe in being kind to one another in a game often wrought with toxicity.

With that in mind, we believe this is a great environment for all types of players. We welcome old and NEW players alike and with open, helping arms.
Many ask "Where is the best server",
I say this: just find a server with players you like and start a community within it. So we invite you all, local and abroad(we have a server that can give good ping to many different countries) to join us at UOAlive and let us help you create new memories with nostalgia attached, in character! Be it for PvE, A beer with friends, or some Role-play!

You can connect via discord immediately: Join the UOAlive Discord Server!

Our website: UOAlive

Player Testimonials: Player Testimonials

We support ALL clients and have tutorial videos to help you get playing immediately:



All others: Getting Started with the Login and Client Download Process

A place to tell your stories on the forums or discord with major EM events and Player run Newsletters:


Helping you tell your stories through social media:
Facebook: Log into Facebook
Reddit: r/UOAlive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOAlive
Forums: UO House Tours

Using UO for more than a macro/script game, to get the depth out of the roleplay you deserve



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Old school UO nerd here. I'm enjoying UO Alive quite a bit! The "free" skills make templating more fun and reduces the number of characters I need to build. Skilling up is quick, so don't stress about starting from scratch. Everyone is super helpful! Join us!

Schuyler Bain

Lore Master
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UOAlive has been my home port for the past 9 months. The community is one of the most supportive and diverse I have found. There is a always something to do and someone do to it with (if you choose) or if you prefer a solo session there is plenty of content to enjoy. If you are looking for a freeshard that looks and feels like modern UO but with Quality of Life enhancements that help you to enjoy the game and the community quickly I recommend you give UOAlive a go.

-The Captain


Been here for 3 months. Been a great experience. The added features add enough new things to learn to this old UO player while still feeling balanced and fair. The additional free skills open up a lot of fun possibilities (like my chef treasure hunter tamer fisherman). The people are very kind and eager to help out. The staff are fair and constantly pushing out new content which I appreciate.
Come for the people. Stay for those damn rare nightmares! One day I will tame one. One day.
If you do join say Hi to Stinky Pete!


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I always find it humorous that people can customize and run a free shard with tons new features that the "official" dev team is unable to do with production shards.


I've been playing here for a few years as a casual player and can't imagine playing anywhere else. Here's a few reasons why:
  • I'm a casual player, I typically play no more than 4 hours a week. The fast skill gain made it extremely easy to get myself up and started and allows me to shift my templates as needed without having to stop having fun and grind skills for a few days. It also means that those templates that you thought were out of reach due to extreme grinding are yours for the taking!
  • The staff has always been extremely responsive and willing to accept feedback to make quality of life changes. This is what makes the shard truly "Alive". That's not to say the changes are made at the whims of the players, they're generally discussed amongst all and agreed upon, and then thoroughly tested for balance.
  • The shard has folks all around the world which generally means there's always someone on even if your prime game time is 4am EST.
  • The culture of the shard is extremely healthy, there are no divas, everyone is willing to help each other even if it means slowing down and helping someone perform some menial tasks.
  • Old players returning, depending on when you last played UO, you get to play with all the new features. After 22 years of UO off and on, there's still things I haven't done and places I haven't been. If you're not in a great hurry, you'll be happy finding and experiencing the new content for a long time.

Join us! Hope to see you in game!

Dead characters from a past UO Life.
Shard: Atlantic
  • Sir Strumsalot
  • Jethro Tull
  • Bolvai
  • Flint


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Does this have the old version of t-hunting or the new 'revamped' one?