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[UO.Com] Publish 96 Comes to TC1


UO Designer
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You guys really don't understand what you are doing here do you? You have now made the extra 20 points in Blacksmithy and Tailoring a requirement, without any benefit.
Both Blacksmithy and Tailoring should be 5% success at 100 like the other skills, with increased chance of success at 120.
Thanks for the feedback. The benefit of those extra 20 points in skill is that it allows you to craft the artifacts whereas someone who has not invested those points cannot. You've also got tools that will boost your skills well beyond 120, as well as crafting talisman that will increase your chance of success and reduce your loss of materials on failure.

These items require the highest levels of craftsmanship to navigate their delicate construction, hence the requirement for the maximum skill - whether that be 100 or 120 depending on the crafting school.