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[UO.Com] Publish 96 Comes to TC1


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So I got some more free time and was going to take your advice from yesterday to test crafting these new artifacts. Here is my issue; We don't have the recipes...So attaining the blood is relatively easy and we showed you that yesterday, but will I have to farm the crap out of doom in order to get the recipes just to test them? You asked for help testing the new crafting, but having to grind to get all the resources? I looked through the bag of recipes and couldn't find them in the bank. Any chance you could at least give us the recipes?

Also, after pondering our conversation yesterday I have a suggestion.

I think that the old doom artifacts ( helm of insight etc) should also have a chance to be lost in the crafting process. If they follow the imbuing method, we will have an over saturation of the market just like imbuing resources. If people lose their doom arties they will be forced to buy (good for the economy) or go back and grind (good for the new content). Just my two cents
There's a dispenser at the New Haven Bank, there's one for DF blood as well. Thanks for the feedback!