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[Imbuing] Unraveling Items Question

I'm having a horrible time finding items to unravel successfully. My current skill is 42.4 and no matter where I pick up items from, 80% or greater of them won't unravel when I "unravel container". I've looted items from all over Trammel, various dungeons, etc and I still get the same results. Are there any particular items I should be looking for (minor, lesser, etc)? Is there a place where I can find low level items that will work or am I just going to have to keep gathering items in hopes that they will unravel to keep getting a .1 skill gain every now and then?


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One option is to make your own items to unravel, and gain both from making them and unraveling. See the guide to that effect in this forum or its subforum.

Another option is to do Treasure Maps and SOS/MiBs. They tend to have a lot of items to unravel, for a little effort, with up to 30,000 gold, gems and reagents as bonus items. Ask in the general chat channel, and you might even be able to find Treasure Hunters and Fishers that will give you their excess loot (that is low end) to unravel - I give mine away if I can, on Lake Austin (and if no one takes me up on it, I junk the stuff for cleanup points - antique stuff is worth 0 points, so I'd rather let people unravel it).

When looting stuff for unraveling, your best bet is to hunt creatures with a larger number of loot items, that aren't generic items.
Orcs, for example, are bad, because most of their loot is NPC normal stuff. same goes for bone knights.

Look at the descriptions on web sites, for the contents of champion spawns. Find out where the creatures that are used as stage 3 and stage 4 champ spawn monsters spawn in the regular parts of the game, and hunt those (daemons in Tram Hythloth, Fire Island Temple and between Compassion and Chaos in Ilshenar, liches south of Yew, etc.) They are more likely to produce more low-to-mid level items to unravel than higher-end hunts like miasma, etc. (And with the big creatures, there's often a respawn while you're still looting). If you can team up with someone, one of you could loot while the other hunts. And, don't bother with items that weigh 50 stone. Each one takes the spot of 5-25 other items you could loot for unraveling.


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when I worked up Imbuing, the low level items I got were from doing Farmer Nash quest in Ter Mur. I unraveled those items and actually got my skill up to about 70 just doing those. Then after that you can pretty much unravel anything.


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I've found that the Ettins by the Haven mining area can drop some Minor and Lesser magical items that should help in unraveling. My rookie mage hunts there then drops all the proper loot at the house for my imbuer. My Paladin hunts the Crystal Elementals near Luna for the imbuing items.