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Two small parchments are nailed on Ques Tavern's door


Dear Tavern Owner,

Please forgive my presumption for using thy tavern to deliver a missive. I know not of the name of the stranger nor how to contact them. Thy tavern was chosen because twas here where me and the gentle person cross paths. I, beseech thee, should the stranger reply to this missive, that they are permitted to leave it with thee so I may collect it.

With my deepest gratitude,

Kind Stranger,

I pray when thou receives this missive, thou art well. I wanted to thank thee for providing a remedy for the symptoms Scar experiences due to his ailment. I know thee not, yet thou hath shown compassion, kindness and generosity towards Scar, and for that, I am forever in thy debt. If I may impress upon thy generosity e'en more, pray may I meet with thee so I may learn more of the properties of the fungi? I am somewhat versed in apothecary, however, I would be most honored to learn under thy mentorship so I may further understand the mysteries of the wonderous plant. If willing, please leave a missive with the tavern owner. I shall come when able to receive thy response. E'en if thy wishes not to tutor me, thou hast my sincerest and deepest gratitude for aiding the one who is dearest to me.

Thy grateful servant,