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[Peacemaking] Training with area peacemaking; music question


Hulk Hogan

I know when training other bard skills you should have your musicianship locked at 100, but if I'm training with area peacemaking (currently at 110.8) and music locked at 100, can I go ahead and train my music up since my disco and provocation are already trained fully? Since you never fail area peace after 100/100 does it matter if I go ahead and train music up to 120? Thanks!


I had the same question - just when the OP was posted - and was hoping that somebody knew the answer.

I trained up disco and provocation to 120 while music was locked at 100. When those two skills were done, I still had to train peace from about 91 - so I just decided to raise both music and peace together and see how it would go.

My experience so far:

I got peace to 117.2 and music to 116.5 by now, both skills rising slowly (one gain every 150 to 200 attempts) but constantly - and peace seems to rise slightly faster than music keeping in mind that I started with music at 100 and peace at 91.

So I think I will gonna make it to 4x Legendary in another day or two - and at least from my experience it was the right decision to train both skills together - as music gains seem to be slower than peace.


Its been my experience, that once you have reached gm with other music skills, that raising music to higher than gm makes no affect on skill gain in other musical skills.
In fact music is one of the hardest musical skills to leg on.

all in all, good luck, and good hunting my friends!!:stretcher:

Old Man of UO

I've found the Music skill very easy to gain to Legendary using the KR client.

Make a macro placing whatever instrument in the macro, use last object ten times, then set the macro to repeat itself ten times. Set a macro key. This will play an instrument 100 times with one click. I didn't insert any delay and usually had no trouble with lag. The only problem with this macro is you have to reset it when your instrument fails.

I used this macro while hunting with my cu sidhe and pressed the key while it was killing. You can stop the macro any time with any other macro or ESC key. No unattended macroing needed, and gains are very fast.

Alternatively, you can set your instrument in a hot bar and double click as fast as you possibly can for continuous overlapping instrument playing.