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[Tracking] Tracking Questions


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I see a lot of posts here that talk about tracking and that detect hidden is calculated into your chance to track. I also read/saw that tracking is harder to do against a stealther vs a non stealther.

So what are the chances of tracking at 20 tracking? 50 Tracking? 75 tracking? 100 Tracking?

How much does detect hidden help for tracking percentages?

is 70 detect hidden and 50 track better then 70 track and 50 detect? Is it the same?

How much does stealth effect tracking chances?

My ultimate goal is to use the least amount of tracking/detect hidden to reliably track stealthers at idocs and at spawns. Recently I have been bombarded by thieves and other stealth templates and I have had decent success tracking with JoT but I would like to increase the chances higher so that I don't have to constantly spam tracking and find nothing, even if I know someone is nearby. I am planning on dropping resist spells and putting tracking/detect hidden on but I am completely new to these skills. I love JoT tracking, I use it all the time but tracking a 120 stealther off JoT is rather difficult. So I am not sure if 100 track is the best thing or if 100 detect is better.. or if 50 track/70 detect is best.. you get my drift.

I play mages usually so the revealing thing is not really an issue, it's the finding that I need help with.

Any comments/hints/advice is welcome, and sorry if this is clearly marked somewhere as I didn't see it.


Stratics Veteran
probably already got your answer if you continued searching after posting this but- there is absolutely no difference in the calculation for chance to track someone, both detect hidden and tracking are used equally when trying to track. Tracking currently sucks and I came here to complain that it doesn't have any increased range between 0-100 which seems like it's the only way to go. So now I'm off to make my thread :p