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[Throwing] Throwing x Archery


I know years back there was a thing that throwing had the soul glaive as the hardest hitting weapon in the game and nowadays its no more a thing.

So whats the main difference between throwing and archery?

I will list some Pros and Cons that i can see when comparing throw to archery:


no ammo required
+ 5 HCI since only gargs can have throwing
garg armor is cheaper then bonne/studded/hide armor

No double shot weapon
Boomerang is weaker then the magical shortbow from archery
The machanic of overthrow, perfect throw and undethrow
no option for armored dragon to reduce damage taken
lower efficiency compared to a archer in pvp, since gargs have -1 slot for armor pieces.

For archery i will not list pros and cons, as i dont have an archer right now and since the pros and cons i listed above was comparing archery to throwing is a vice-versa thing.

Also, i have a question about the throwing weapon be used in close quarters combat:

the uoguide says:

Close Quarters Combat
Even though they may be meant to be thrown, these weapons all have sharp, mean edges on them - perfect for catching an unsuspecting melee fighter off guard. A player’s Dexterity and throwing skill equal to Grandmaster or higher can compensate for the hit chance penalty. Close quarters combat with a throwing weapon will no longer require you to have the swordsmanship skill to negate hit chance penalty.

  • Underthrown - If, while equipped, a weapon has a maximum range of six tiles, and a player throws at a player two tiles away (too close) they have a Hit Chance penalty of 12%, but no damage reduction.
  • Perfect - Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of four tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, no damage reduction
  • Overthrown - Maximum range of six tiles, thrown a distance of six tiles. No Hit Chance penalty, but 47% damage reduction


So if i am fighting someone in melee range, its like i just have the underthrown penalty applied?

And it leads to my next question, have anyone ever tried throwing with parrying and bushido? it works? i mean, evasion works? since throwing weapons are 1 handed weapons with parry and bushido can i parry attacks in melee combat also?


Throwing with party works. With shield of course.
I use Grugor shield (transmogged) to have more stats and 10SSI
You still can use quivers to change your damage type (quivers of blight, fire etc)
You also can have no shield and drink potions to heal/invis without need to have balanced bow
Throwing also quite good with Mysticism mastery + Enchant weapon. You can heal yourself eating a healing stone But you will need 70 throwing for AI.

good Gargish gear is harder to obtain.
SSI Epps are mostly human. Not many gargish for sale
Only 5items can be enhanced instead of 6 for human
only 5 items can have hidden LMC
Ironwood bow cannot be altered (thou infinite swarm one can )


Pro archery:
Double shot special for archery but not for throwing weapons.
Armor pierce special for archery but not for throwing weapons.
Longer range of archery weapons compared to throwing weapons.

Pro throwing:
Can have a 5-slot pet or 5-slot summon and move at mount speed with throwing but not with archery.
Can use a shield (but need parrying to cancel out hit chance penalty) with throwing but not with archery.

Anon McDougle

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
The inability to have the damage reduction is huge think paragons hitting with 3 attacks with swampy you live without you die every time...


The inability to have the damage reduction is huge think paragons hitting with 3 attacks with swampy you live without you die every time...
You can have 30% damage reduction from peace buff. Don't forget stone form or refinements damage reduction.
Yeah, having no swampy reduces gargoyle usability.