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Thinking about making a return….

Well for those who may or may not remember me. I was Hell’s Angel, Vikki Wolfbane, and whatever other names I used years ago lol. I used to play on Sonoma for a long time. You guys may or may not remember my dad Grom Deathheart. Anywho, I probably haven’t played since about 2007. Is it worth returning? I’m sure there’s been a ton of changes since then as well. Depending on what I hear or don’t I will make a return. Been thinking about the game a lot recently….was the funnest game and some of the more fun times I had with my dad. I don’t know when my dad stopped playing, but sadly he will not be returning as he passed away in January 2020 due to brain and lung cancer. So for those of you old timers that are still around, stop in and say Hi! Would love to return with the old crew if any of them are still left.

Miri of Sonoma

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hail Lady Hell's Angel. I am sorry for your loss.

I don't recall if our paths ever crossed and it is hard to say whether or not returning is right for you but you could create an Endless Journey account (it's has a lot of limitations but it's free) and take some time looking around Sonoma or another shard. You are right lots of things have changed in Sosaria. Sonoma is much smaller than when you were here before but we are hanging in there.

Who were your old crew? Maybe someone will remember some of them.


Stratics Veteran
since you have last played there has been many changes.
you no longer have to have checks in the bank.
Your gold on each shard can be accessed by all characters on that account.

tamers can now level up their pets.
giant beetles start at a one slot and can be "trained" up to a 5 slot
(which is my preferred pet to fight with)

there are newer expansions
The HIgh Seas: you can take your ship out and fight pirates, scuttle merchant ships and take down plunderbeacons. And you can turn in cargo crates (pack drops) into the black market at bucs den mint

Time of Legends: Hawkwind opened a portal and the past came into the present. The Valley of Eodon is where Dinosaurs roam. The champ spawn there has a giant Dragon Turtle. One lucky participant will receive a dragon turtle hatchling egg (you can put it in an incubator until it says its Mature, but have to water it every 24hrs ) Shadowguard has awesome artifacts and is very popular.


treasure maps were revamped.
there is only 5 levels now
Stash, Supply, Cache, Hoard, Trove

if you want to look for anything specific
you can check out this database
Treasure Map Search | uo-cah.com

this is also an awesome website to get more information


I'm not sure what all characters that you had before.
I do know that your names and your dads does sound familiar.
Back then I was hanging out with KmR & HELP
I may have saw you at one of their taming events for Moonglow Zoo


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Not working right now happens at even time they add something. Welcome back, Sorry to hear about your Dad. I remember when you were a shard reporter for a bit. I used to help with that when daughter played, back in the days of dial up, one PC etc. As Cinderella says, you can make a EJ account for free and just take a walk about across Sonoma and other shards.

I do not limit myself to play just one shard, yes it still one house per shard (Except on Siege, you can have that 2nd house but at a great restriction of only one character per account there. My daughter was a traveler when she played and made some really strong characters across several shards and I have added more to that one account so I travel and fight across several shards, today I was on two of them 1657296517575.png , Oceania and 1657296539248.png Balhae .
My characters on both shard were lucky and got both drops. Vet rewards are worth far more today then they were back in 2007. Because of the new rules on IDOCs any vet reward and all stacked resources are deleted when the player's house falls. SO beware selling any if you have them before doing some price checking dear lady.

Everyone uses Discord today, not the skill, its a voice, image, text software that we are all using today. At Stratics Sonoma you can see the Public channel there. Sonoma's Discord Link

Again welcome back! ♥ Feel free to add me to your Discord when you get it. Drakelord#5598