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Theft Of The Week (4/3/04 - 4/9/04)

  • Thread starter that one guy
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that one guy

Rules are basic, post your best theft within the timeframe on the subject line. Please inclose a story along with images if possible. If you need any images hosted send me a pm and we can arrange somthing(thanks to drewinu ive got a bit of webspace). While images are not necessary, it helps alot in considering if the theft was truthful. All steals while using bugs or bugged items (ie, stealable blessed sandals) are not allowed to be entered.

Some of the better stories will be posted in the Honorable Mention Wall of Fame while people telling lies will be posted in the Wall of Shame and probable ban of the TOTW.

After the week has passed, Myself and a few judges will pick the winner and will post it with the next weeks TOTW.

The Hall of Fame

(1/12-1/18) : GreyHorse - Small Potted Tree
(1/19-1/25) : Velona (Orchid) - Four Vet-Reward Statues
(Dragon, Earth Ele, Gargoyle, Lich) placed in a pouch
(1/26-2/1) : Goose - Small Rock
(2/2 - 2/9) : Goose - Three Plants in a pouch
(2/10 - 2/15) : Pyrol GL - Two Blood Tiles in a pouch
(2/16 - 2/23) : Ferreau - Four checks totalling 3.5 million in a pouch
(2/24 - 3/1) : OLY - A newbied Silver Ring, in a pouch, from an Elder at a Jhelom PVP Event!
(3/2 - 3/8) : OLY - Green Bottle Hair Dye
(3/9 - 3/15) : Kung Lao - Hammer and Chisel
(3/16 - 3/22) : Disco-stu - Sold a purple plant for 200k, then stole it back again
(3/23 - 2/29) : Glove - Large Shrubbery Plant
(3/30 - 4/5) : [Kes] - Blessed black sandals in a pouch
(4/6 - 4/12) : Elganare - Full Jars
(4/13 - 4/19) : CrazyJoe - Substantial Large Battle Axe of Vanquishing
(4/20 - 4/26) : Testacleese - Five checks totalling 5 million in a pouch
(4/27 - 5/3) : Goose - Black Dye Tub
(5/4 - 5/10) : Wyrick - 300th Aniversary Bag with a check for 492k
(5/11 - 5/17) : Neon Ninja - Potted Plant
(5/18 - 5/24) : Bob (Kharn) - Tall Candelabra
(5/25 - 5/31) : Serpentine - Golden Bloodmoss
(6/1 - 6/7) : Vaindan Jain - Black blessed sandals
(6/8 - 6/14) : Kashmir25 - Potted Plant
(6/15 - 6/21) : Simple - Black Blessed Sandals
(6/22 - 6/28) : Jethro - Silver Spear of Vanquishing
(6/29 - 7/5) : Click - Demon Bone Helm
(7/6 - 7/12) : Decanuck - No Draw Tile in a pouch
(7/13 - 7/19) : knight11 - a 500k check in a pouch
(7/20 - 7/29) : Neon Ninja - Durable axe of Vanquishing
(7/30 - 8/6) : Lonegamer - Serverup rocks
(8/7 - 8/13) : zole - blessed durable surpassingly accurate kryss of vanquishing that had become stealable
(8/14 - 8/20) : Masked Falcon - Daemon Bone Legs
(8/21-8/27) : AyJay - bag of plants, 4 small and 1 medium plant
(8/28-9/6) : Mike Oxbig - Durable Silver Large Battle Axe of Vanquish
(9/7-9/13) : Entire week stolen by Crazy Joe, the slacking Mod
(9/14-9/24) : I Am Reebdoog - Subst Silver Vanq Axe
(9/25-10/2) : Johnny Knoxville - 2 1-Million-Gold Checks in a pouch
(10/3-10/10) : zole - Indest Acc Silver Power Shortspear
(10/11-10/19) : Dash - 4.7 million in checks in 2 seperate bags
(10/20-10/27) : Kharn - Golden Vet Rewards Robe in a purple bag
(10/28-11/3) : Decanuck - 450K check in a bag
(11/4-11/13) : Bacci LuT - Valorite Vet Rewards robe in a yellow bag
(11/14-11/21) : zole - 600K check in a bag
(11/22-11/28) : ZiggyStardust - Ethy Llama in a bag
(11/29-12/6) : Mapesto - Daemon Bone Helm
(12/7-12/14) : zole - 800K check in a pouch
(12/15-12/21) : zole (Seeing a pattern here?) - Potted tree
(12/22-12/28) : Kharn - 1.5 Million in a backpack
(12/29-1/5) : Masked Falcon - 1.5 Million in a bag
(1/6-1/13) : Masked Falcon - 2.3 Million in a bag
(1/14-1/21) : TurkishUO - Skull Mug!
(1/22-1/28) : z0mbo - Fur
(1/29-2/9) : Dartan - Dragon's Blood Necro Reg
(2/10-2/18) : Mystical Thief - Clothing Bless Deed in a pouch
(2/19-2/27) : Scavenger[TRT] - 3.5 Million in a bag
(2/28-3/6) : Evil computer crash - 1 week TOTW updates
(3/7-3/12) : Truls - Quest Diamond
(3/13 - 3/19) : Nature-Drach - 5 million gold and a clothing bless deed in a pouch
(3/20 - 3/27) : AtomForce - 300th year aniversary bag
(4/4 - 4/11) : MaskedFalcon - pre-vet black dye tub
(4/22 - 5/22) : Grake - Pure Garlic
(5/23-5/30) : Talon Mclane - 14 Runebooks in a bag
(5/31-6/6) : magic37220 - Valorite Robe in a bag
(6/7-6/26) : OSI - Stealing a part of Felucca and making more like Trammel
(6/27-7/3) : zole - 1 Million in a Bag
(7/4-7/11) : The Pink Panther - Gm made, exceptional agapite short spear
(7/12-7/19) : Corran Horn - Legendary Scroll of Animal Taming (+20 Skill)
(7/20-7/27) : LegendOfTrouble - Legendary Scroll of Magery (+20 Skill)
(7/28-8/3) : Sig Man - Gm made, exceptional verite short spear
(8/4-8/11) : Elganare - Legendary Scroll of Eval. Int. (+20 Skill)
(10/1-10/10) : Sig Man - Val. Double Axe
(10/11-10/21) : Gioman - Valorite Katana
(10/22-10/31) : Murphey - +15 ASH

After a 1 year hiatus, the TOTW returns
(11/09/03-11/15/03): Devon Delorean - An Ultimate Scroll of Power (+25 Max. Stats)
(11/16/03-11/22/03): Corran Horn - A [blank] Scroll of Power (+15 Max. Stats)
(11/23/03-11/29/03): JimBeam - Crystal Ball of Pet Summoning
(11/30/03-12/06/03): drewniu/belgarath - Multiple pieces of Range Armor
(12/07/03-12/20/03): No one due to sickness and no one posting any steals
(01/23/04 - 01/30/04): Shadow-+25 Stat Scroll
(1/31/04 - 2/6/04): that one guy - +20 stat scroll
(2/7/04 - 2/13/04): Shinobi - Staff of the Magi
(2/14/04 - 2/20/04): Toadslick - Barbed runic kit
(2/21/04 - 2/27/04): Kim_kof_ls - 1 of each runic tailor kit (on 3 separate days though)
(2/28/04 - 3/5/04): Lemon D - +25 stat scroll
(3/6/04 - 3/12/04): Devon Delorean - +20 Magery scroll
(3/13/04 -3/19/04): Cuckoo-for-Caca - +20 Stat Scroll(Siege)
(3/20/04 - 3/26/04): RClover - Bronze Runic Hammer
(3/27/04 - 4/2/04): Harabec_LS - +25 Stat Scroll

The Honorable Mention Wall of Fame

TeranPriest : March 2001 : TeranPriest camped a Large IDOC Tower on Napa Valley, and was watching for several days. The day it fell he missed out on placeing a house, however looted many paintings. After the others placed their houses, they turned their attention on Teran and attacked, killing him only a few steps from his own house that was located nearby. They looted his paintings, and Teran lost all he waited for. However he noticed that the people that placed the larger house were buying all the smalls that were placed around him. It was apparent what was happening, and sure enough the next day a new Large Tower stood where a few smalls were placed the day before. Then Teren saw the tower for sale on Tradespot. After exchanging several ICQ's, Teran slipped the idea that a Keep may fit. Sure enough, he was hidden near the tower and saw the people surveying the area checking if a Keep would fit. After camping the area hidden for over 20 hours, the Tower owners arrived, and redeeded the Tower. Before they knew what hit them, a new large Tower stood before them - and it didn't belong to them! TeranPriest succesfully got his revenge on those that screwed him over! They were angry (to put it mildy) and even paged a Game Master claiming Teran Exploited.

ShadowJack : April 2001 : Stole a large potted plant from someone shopping at his vendor. He then put the plant on his vendor, and stole it back everytime someone tried to buy it. He priced it at 200k, and stole it a grand total of 7 times, netting him 1.4 million. He then finally sold it for 300k

Serpentine : June 2001 : Joined a new guild with a friend after seeing the Guildmaster spamming at Brit bank. After almost blowing their cover when he spoke out loud of their intentions instead of in party chat, they managed to get friended to the house. Then, after the Guildmaster logged, they looted his house, unbanned everyone from his ban list, and both swore fealty to Serpentine. This meant they not only looted his house, but stole his guild too. They later moved the stone to Serpentine's house and kicked the original Guildmaster out, all the while, pinning it on some new recruit.

Serpentine and Masked Falcon : August 2001 : While Falcon was shopping for daemon armor, a person came through selling100000 boards. Sensing an easy scam, and a thousand free boards, Serpentine hid in the bank back room and awaited the drop... But there was no drop. Instead, they were told their logs were on the ground in Felucca! Falcon, the buyer, and Serpentine, the follower, were gated to the location before the seller was paid. There, they found several piles of 60000 logs neatly arranged in a small enclosure in T2A! Falcon marked a rune, and after Stuckhelping out with 60K logs apiece, Falcon gated back and the job was repeated for a haul of 240K logs. However, Falcon dropped his second load behind a mountain, and GM Halona could not retrieve them.

FreezerBurn : September 2001 : After ICQing somebody about buying a house and being forced to wait a long time for the transfer, FreezerBurn accumulated various checks in a pouch, enough to pay for the house. Upon the owner's arrival, the house trade went through as planned... and the bag of checks was promptly stolen back. Later, FreezerBurn sold the house for more than he would have bought it for had he actually paid for it.

Rogue Valentine : October 2001 : (Translated out of RP) - While Rogue is messing around with his friends giving his one friend's new neighbors some murder counts, a new arrival in a Valorite robe and cloak on an ethereal recalls in. Stealthing behind him into his house, Rogue snoops him and discovers 5.2 million gold and a 3rd year Zombie statue! The person recalls away, and Rogue decides to check the containers for being secure. They are. However, he finds a pouch on the ground that ISN'T secure, OR locked down! He grabs it and takes off with it, discovering the very 5.2 million gold and zombie statue he had seen on the person before! In the true manner of 'noble' thiefdom, he left a book explaining to the guy how he just got screwed over.

Sar Shen : February, 2002 : Short but effective - While the pure mare craze was in full swing after they were just introduced and could only be found in Fel, Sar singlehandedly stole the bloodmoss of every tamer camping the Felucca Terathan Keep, disabling their ability to Invis, and for most of them, Recall. While Sar didn't linger to find out, it's reasonable to think he alone reduced the lifespan of many of these tamers and made many looters happy.

Public enemy : August 2002 : Public enemy, trying to sell his Lshape house, encountered a thief who planned to pay for the house with checks in a bag. He proceeded to ask the "scammer wannabe" why he wanted to have the checks inside a bag and stole the bag right before the trade so the thief wouldn't notice. The plan worked and the would-be scammer replied to him "Dude there's a new bug out where if you don't put checks in a bag then they go straight to the person and you lose it, so I have to use it." The conversation that followed Public Enemy pointing out his theft to the scammer is entertaining:
Him: "OMFG YOU PIECE OF **** I am paging a GM on your gay ass!"
PE: "And say what? That you attempted to scam a vet and you got screwed in your own ass?"
Him: "Dude your such a ******* pansy, duel me you queer."
PE: "No thanks, I prefer to sell this house for 6 Mill making my total... 11.5 Mill. Thanks for the checks."
Him: "LOL my brother is a GM I just told him to ban you..."

Anonymous Stratics Administrator, February 2004: In the most widespread theft in Stratics history the accounts of about 80,000 members were deleted accidently. Chaos ensued as Admins and Moderators scrambled to register their names before evil-doers beat them to it. Millions of posts were lost and Stratics Legends were reduced to humble visitors. Tears were shed, fingers were pointed, and now we have this Honorable Mention to look back on and tell our grandchildren......or something like that.

The Wall of Shame

Eva_04 : Claiming to steal a 1.25 million check, when it's not possible to make such a check. Eva then admitted it was a lie.

mawood : Claiming to steal a trapped box containing 100 of each reg, when such a theft is impossible due to the fact that the box would be over 80 stones.

that one guy

I think from now on I will change how I judge the TOTW. I used to judge them based on resale value alone, now I think more credit will be given to heavier items, as well as the story behind it. Nowadays any monkey with a bit of snooping and 40 stealing can swipe powerscrolls. I'm not saying that powerscrolls wont be considered but if someone has a nice story behind how they stole a heavier item worth half as much then those people will now have a chance of winning.

How does this sound with everyone else?


I agree completely as well. The great stories are what caused me to start the long journey or training a thief.


Date: 4/5/4
Time: 21:00 (Central)
Shard: Earth
Location: Dave & Buster's in Austin, TX

As most of you know, I attend the UO Meetups in Austin, TX. Most of the devs had already moved to Cali, so the only three that showed up were Mr. Tact, Speedman, and Ferbert...all favorites of mine.

On this particular evening, I had an excellent seat. Across from me was Hotaru-Chan. To my left was Dragonrider Fnor (Stratics Reporter). To his left was speedman, and Mr. Tact was across the table from the honoralbe Dragonrider and to the right of the fair Ms. Chan.

Long before any of our meals arrived, Mr. Tact received his "appetizer," a plate of batter encrusted cheese sticks. I couldn't help but feel my hunger get stronger and my jealousy wild. Why should Mr. Tact eat while I starve? Who does he think he is???

As things normally go at the meetups, Tact and speedman were constantly in conversation with us lowly players, while everyone else would listen in and/or make comments. I, however, could not keep my wandering eye off of those cheesy cheese sticks sitting on Tact's plate. They were easily within my reach, yet all eyes were in Tact's direction, and surely, I would have been seen...so I bided my time.

Eventually, everyones' meals came, including my own, but my mind was made up. I need to have a cheese stick. Then suddenly, my opportunity arose. Tact started talking to Fertbert (who was sitting at the far end of the table) about how his moving was going. All eyes that were on their food or on Tact before, were now on Fertbert as he discussed his situation.

Seizing the moment, I grabbed my glass of water with my left hand, took a drink, naturally set it down unnaturally closer to Mr. Tact's plate, and as my hand left my glass, I quickly swiped one of the cheese sticks completely unnoticed...well, almost.

As I smiled with delight with myself over my newly acquired prize, I looked up to meet Hotaru-Chan's knowing eyes. She had been clever enough to witness my theft. "Would she call me out?" I wondered. She and I sat for a moment staring at each other, my heart pounded, adrenaline pumped through my veins, and sweat beaded up on my brow...WOULD SHE CALL ME OUT? Then, breaking the moment, she gave me a devilishly approving grin. Could she have been a kindred spirit? Surely, only a fellow thief would have noticed what I had done. Knowing I was in the clear, I devoured the evidence before Fertbert and crew were done with their conversation and any suspicion could have been directed my way.

Victory is deliciously cheesy.


so ive been eyeing the da vinci code in every store that sells them, being too poor to afford one at the moment my dad agreed to purchase it when it comes in paperback, unable to wait my sister put in an order for it at the library and has been rubbing it in my face that she was getting a copy, lo an behold it came today, when she left to pick up my neice i noticed it sitting on the table, un read so far, so i stealthed up to it made an expert steal, and ran(more like hopped since i cant use my left foot) like hell to my room where i locked myself in, i started reading it immediately the theft however didnt go unnoticed, but since i had already gotten to page 129 by the time she did notice she agreed to let me finish it /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

i also pulled the same trick with her harry potter book 5, but in that case my dad bought me a copy later that day lol

that one guy

hahahahahahahaha, well I can't promise you the win, but it will get an honorable mention (I think those are actually better because they tell the story). That is great story, and it is good friends like Hotaru-Chan who would loot your body for you in the sad case of a guardwhack.


hahahhah wow that cheesey story should be #1 in the TOTW, man that is too funny i must print that part out lol


It would have been cool if she shouted out

"Vendor Buy my bank box from the stable GUARDS!"



it will get an honorable mention (I think those are actually better because they tell the story)

<hr></blockquote>The story only really works if you have the pictures too.

Just curious, did everyone notice the "cheese stick" in the picture? ^^



well I can't promise you the win

<hr></blockquote>I completely understand this...you know...since other people can still post about better steals...oh wait.

*checks his watch*

oh, I guess they can't post...seeing as it's now 4/10. heh, guess I win by default ^^

oh yeah, and guess I also get an honorable mention, and I quote.


it will get an honorable mention

Hmmm...guess I stole the show this week.

double pwnage!!


*******! I wondered where that went!

Funny, I didn't even realize that was Hotaru-chan sitting next to me . . .

First post! (Uhh, from Redwood Shores, that is.)

that one guy

Heh, I'm glad you made the move alright, and thanks for popping in to assure us that at least one dev checks in on us thieves once in a while. Hopefully Geuel's theft wont have any negative impact on our future, we all aren't like that *notices MrTact's watch is uninsured*........I promise!


Oh man *wipes tears of laughter from eyes* I was laughing so hard reading about the cheesestick, my landlady thought I went nuts, she's out in the hall and I'm in my apartment by myself peein myself laughing, too funny! Hey Mr Tact did you have a hand in developing thieves? see what happens? lol, that should get thief of the year imo, too cute

Dragonrider Fnor

Ah that explains it! Wondered why you were always so quiet. Like it is easy to get a work in edgewize when I'm about... but anyways good filch, and right under my nose as well.

Grand story!

You'll have to wait till Renfest to get another chance at your prey. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif


Geuel, that was classic. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Thanks for posting it.

Mini the Thief

Geuel #1!

Oh man that is hilarious. If I ever get a chance to go to some sort of UO meetup, I'll make sure to steal everything I can from any people who work on this game to make up for every single insured boat key, bag with ethy inside, and insured weapon that I disarmed and never was able to deprive their owners of.


I hae to say....that is the most hillarious thing I have ever heard...Haha!
Wish I was there

But I'm stuck in canada.....cwies*

that one guy

whoa.....all these new faces popping up, there must be a link to this thread somewhere else.


There is a link on the Stratics front page, thats how I got here /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

*Runs off before the thiefs can steal anything from his pouch*



whoa.....all these new faces popping up, there must be a link to this thread somewhere else.

<hr></blockquote>Told you that I should have both won AND gotten the Honorable mention...also, I think the honorable mention post should have a link to here...you know...for future generations and what not.


well a dev did post here...maybe a first ever...and you know how people like to follow dev's posts.

that one guy

Well I could link here, but the posts get archived and/or deleted after a while. It's pretty hard to find posts from more than a year ago.


Always Present
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
lol, that was great Geuel

you guys are lucky, i missed the blade of righteous on siege. i would have demanded that i be made winner for 2 weeks in a row for that one.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So thats what GLLA had on him lol, I heard him talking to you, saw you run after him like a madman after he bolted... was curious what he was talking about hehe



Ok, made it so the thread won't be deleted by auto-delete. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

<hr></blockquote>*High-fives Lonegamer*



well a dev did post here...maybe a first ever...and you know how people like to follow dev's posts.

Well...why did the dev post here?

*checks again to make sure Mr. Tact isn't following behind*



*does I Dream of Genie head nod thingie* there ya go

<hr></blockquote>*High-fives that one guy*

AzRek MNar

Every time I read this thread I still chuckle over that cheese stick....

*remember time at Denny's I got Steak and Eggs for free /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif and winks..*