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The XP Bar: Brown and Blue



I know the XP bar is divided into thirds. Each third you get an AP, and when the bar fills you get an SP and the bar then goes back to the beginning, and each time it does, the amount of XP needed to fill up again, I presume becomes a little longer.

I also the see the bar with two colors. Brown and blue. The blue portion will always extend x-amount further than the brown portion. I haven't yet figured out exactly how that part works yet.

What does the blue portion stand for? Does it signify progress toward the next third of the bar, and when you fill up one third, that third turns brown? Or is it something else?


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In order to explain the progression we need to start talking about xp. At the bottom of the screen is the xp bar, and when the player has filled up 1/3 of it they will be given an ability point(AP). Filling out the whole bar gives a skill point(SP). A player gets xp from many different sources: Killing monsters, PvP, missions and crafting. The amount of xp needed to get an ability point or a skill point is static.

The harder the monster or mission is, the more xp it will give, so the "further in" you are in TSW, the faster you will get points. This means that skilling up from 0-10 in a weapon type, or buying all the abilities of a weapon type, is quicker in the late game than in the early game.
(The above quoted from lead designer Martin Bruusgaard's blog)

The blue area will fill up each third of the XP bar as your progress. When you completely fill the bar you will get an AP point and the redish tint will go over that section of the bar. When you fill all three bars, that is when you get an SP. That is, when you gain enough to make it to the next 1/3 that part of the bar will go from blue to brown (or "orange" as some Worlders are calling it)

Does this answer your question?
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