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General The wrong shard is blocked after xfer, and not cleared


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Yesterday morning I used a shield token and transferred from Cats to Chesapeake. Yesterday evening, around 7 hours later, I attempted to log that account into Drachenfels. I received the "you have a character transfer in progress" error, and could not access Drach from that account. I went to a different shard, and paged a GM. Received no response, but I can access Drach from that account today, so I'm not sure if time or the GMs cleared whatever got screwed up. In any case, the transfer involved Cats and Chessie. That account hasn't xferred involving Drach in at least a month, and was able to access Drach earlier this week. So it seems that somehow that transfer flagged the wrong shards as additionally blocked - then that block never got cleared once the transfer had completed.