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The War Fox.

Cassius Livius

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Jakar was a small boy, only four years of age, living on the Amoeba Island close to Jhelom. His family was one of the only inhabitants on the island, which made them such easy victims when passing pirates sailed to the island to stash their treasure. Surprised to find inhabitants on the island the pirate crew set upon the defenseless family, slaughtering everyone but the boy, taking him captive to be sold at a strange market.

Arriving at a slave market in Serpents Hold, Jakar saw familiar faces; a tradeswoman who stopped by the island to trade silks and fabrics, a man who once ferried the islands cattle to market, and a few others. The young boy looked at them in hope, only to find they looked away, pretending not to know him. Was he of no use to them, just an object to possess? Was he of such little worth? Was his price too high? The people he had known turned their backs so easily. Jakar struggled and tried to beg for help, and was struck by a crewman's cudgel right before the crowd, and they watched coldly as he was carried back to the ship and then they continued on their business as usual.

The ship set sail from Serpents Hold and the years that followed were filled with violence and abuse. Jakar continued to fight back after every beating, and slowly learned to defend himself more and more until the crew began training him in combat. First fighting with drunken crew-mates for sport, until he gained the respect of the crew. Jakar began to feel like he meant something more than a deck scrubbing captive, he had gained worth among them, he had become a man, and he was one of them now.

One night Jakar woke to screams and yelling, dashing to the deck to find an Orcish ship upon them, and once again it seemed his family was been slaughtered, but this time Jakar was no longer defenseless, rushing to the aid of his crew, his family. Running down the deck he unloaded each cannon he passed at the Orc ship, launching arrow after arrow until he reached the captains quarters. Orcs that had managed to climb aboard were at the cabin door, heading for the captain. Jakar threw down his bow and snatched up a blade from one the fallen, rushing the Orcs and flailing frantically, slashing until none were left standing.

Dawn broke and all that remained of the Orcish ship was black smoke far behind in the distance. Jakar sat with his back against the mast, blade still clenched in hand. It took awhile for him to come around, his face covered in blood, dripping from his beard until the captain poured a bucket of water over him and pull him to his feet. slowly coming back to his senses the crew began to laugh and cheer as the captain spoke of Jakar's deeds. Jesting how he dashed around in the nights battle like a fox, only noticeable by his red blood soaked beard, and from that day Jakar became known as Keryth "Jakar" Vulpes, The war fox, and the crews new Quartermaster.
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