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The thoughts of a Barmaid.

Sioned Silvers

Stratics Veteran
Sioned woke up a lot earlier than normal this morning and for some reason, she was, in a effervescent mood – Actually in such a great mood, that she could feel the excitement flow through her body – And yesterday had been a proof of it and now, this very morning - Sioned struggled so hard not to stand up in the middle of her bed and start to jump and squeal loudly in excitement, waking up the Barmaid and Bartenders that still were sleeping at the Swaggers Inn and the entire Neighbourhood for that matter.
She snapped a few times for air and mumbled to herself: “Easy Sio! Easy.. Just keep up the Hope! Cause without it, we are utterly doomed!”

Yesterday, Anna Goodward’s pigeon had found Sioned down by the Company’s Trading Hub, where She had been searching the books for names about good old Vesperian Guards and according to the records, great tippers too! – She had found names like Eric Twothumb, Hanse Davion, Olk Samsca, Lurtz and the tamed gorilla Momo and Elliot Heath. But in Sioneds opinion, the most important names were the old Veety’s – Yiveth, Chucky, Anna Maria and Kiran, cause without these people – There wouldn’t have been a Vesper Trading Company, with their stunning ideas and at times utterly terrible ideas.

Sioned had quickly put the books back on the shelf and hurried over to the Swaggers Inn, were she found Anna, Rimeny, Esca and an Orc that earlier had introduced himself as Krordakh, a Covian who she reconized as Hoagie and then the traveller, who’s accent gave away he was from the Trinsic area – That had introduced himself as Garrick - She had briefly excused herself and went down to pick switch clothes from the red dress and bandana into the green bandana, the white shirt, the black skirt and the green apron and then she had been busy – She had been running up and down the stairs to the basement fetching drinks for the people, introduced the returning people to new wines, that the Company had been able to brew, because of friends like Nina and so many other people, that had helped the Company with barrels for wine, fruit and such for the different wines.

Sioned turned her gaze over at the mannequins that was equipped with her different set of armor and a little squeal slipped her lips, as she thought of some of the exciting hunting trips she had been on with her friends, but also when she felt the need to clear her mind or let steam out so she wouldn’t explode and rip someone’s head off and take a dump in the hole.

She thought of the conversation with Garrick and chuckled to herself while as their conversation had fell on different topics – Such as the ancient times in Britannia were the Factions had ruled – Names that Sioned only had heard about, The True Britannia’s from Britain, The Council of Mages from Magincia, The Shadow Lords from Yew and Missy Minax from the place near Spiritwood or Skara Brae. But as Sioned was born and raised in Trammel, growing up with several of warnings about “Don’t go to Felucca! Are you absolutely insane, lass! I forbid it! It’s full of Criminals and horrible, horrible people! If you go there, I’ll frickin’ whoop yer rump!” And all those ramblings about how terrible Felucca was, had actually had an effect on Sioned. She was both terrified of the place, but again she also found it quite interresting.

She pondered a little and wondered how the returning people could react, when they experienced that the factions were gone and had been replaced with this vice virtue stuff. Something that Sioned avoided to take part in – Not because she was afraid of the bruises a fight could give, but more because she was utterly terrified of getting stuck in Felucca and not being able to return home to the Swaggers Inn and Vesper.

Sioned had always been a terrible, terrible curious and during the really late hours and out of pure boredom, she sometimes would step through to Felucca and sneak around and explore the “Oh so forbidden land” or go hunting the different creatures that also could be found at her home. She had squealed so loudly, that it had startled herself – When she had found out that the creatures there carried more doubloons, than back home – and even the herbs were cheaper over there! Good place for different Mages to shop, she had thought to herself - But again, didn't a Mage with respect for him or herself have looooooads of herbs. She had been visiting the white Castle in Britain and she had been visiting Lord Blackthorns Castle aswell – Surely his Castle in her homelands were much more impressive than the little “Summer Residence” he had in Felucca and knowing that Lord Blackthorns Castle in Britain was full of Governors and meetings and what not, it was easier to act goofy at the “Summer Recidence”, where no one would see it. She had at a point brought a pair of fur boots over to Felucca – Not because it was terrible cold there, but more because she wanted to run as fast as she could, through the long corridors, stop up, remain the balance while sliding across the fancy floors on the furboots and furthermore - She could just picture how akward the whole explaining would have turned into, if she did that at the Castle’s in Trammel.

Sioned had showed Anna her support, while attending some of those meetings at Lord Blackthorn’s Castle, while Anna had worked as the Governor of Vesper. The politics had truthfully nearly bored Sioned out of her mind and she struggled to remain patience and sit still during the looooooong meetings, while the Governors babbled about different situations in the different towns.
However, Sioned had been amused, if not intirely impressed by the fancy armor Lord Blackthorn wore, and the even more fancy Crown, with all the different jewels on top of his head. She had been jestering with Anna about, that Sioned would let Blackthorn spank her rump – IF she was allowed wear the Crown during the whole session - and alot of pillows stuffed down her shorts!

She thought a bit of fancy looking crown and the responsibility that came with it. No, she would jest with her friends about wearing the crown and such, but honestly – She didn’t envy the King, cause no matter how hard he would work to try and please everyone – There would -always- be some, that would whine like stabbed piglets.

She wondered a bit as she went down to the kitchen and made herself a mug of coffee and the histories about the rumours and the currency that they had used in Felucca in the old days. It had actually surprised her, that Blackthorn didn’t wear a crown of silver, with the fancy jewels and of course the white pearls, that came from the seas. She smiled, as she reached up and touched her pearl necklace, before her thoughts drifted off to the work that was ahead.

Sioned figured, that with all the changes in Britannia – An’ old friends an’ even the old foes returning, it would be a good idea to honour the beginning and that actually meant Felucca, not only Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas, the Tokuno Islands and Tel Mur and Eodon.

She had from Felucca named some wines after the different factions. She had from Vesper got a wine brewed as a tribute Vesper and to Twothumb himself and because, the Swaggers Inn was her home, she had picked a wine for and named it “Yiveth’s Delight” – But there was still some wines and bottles of booze to brew, but she needed help with the distilleries, as she couldn’t be ten places at once.

She headed down to the Companys’ Trade Hub, was tempted to walk upstairs and read more books, she remained her focus and turned right and pushed the door open and glanced at the distilleries.
So there was wheat based booze, water based booze and some then the brandy.

She needed to pick some the drinks to name after both the Veetys and the Vesperians.

“Chucky” She said out loud. She had heard the stories about him – That he was a mighty and terrifying Pirate, that knew exactly what he was doing.

She looked over the distillery and nearly exploded: “How the faark is someone suppose to honour a good ol’ Captain from Vesper - When we can’t even brew a rum! It’s outrageous!” She spluttered annoyed and folded her arms, shooting an annoyed glare at the distillery. Inhaleing deeply and shutting her eyes for a moment, before leaning down and picking up the parchments from the floors and looking back at the list of papers and looking back at the booze that the Company could brew, “Oh for the powers of Flyin’ Mongbats an’ other flappy Creatures!! We can’t even brew our own Ale! This is an utterly disaster! Esca! Reywal! Anna! Willow! Jack! Fabienne!”

Sioned went for the door and stepped outside from the building and out into the fresh air and mumbled to herself “Stop yer whining, woman! You just need to have a bit more patience with these things. Look at it from the bright side, that Fabienne have returned and we got a new Bartender named Jack too!”

Okay, so the Company had the four wine bottles named after the old Factions, that was least a good start.

The idea was to invite the old members of Community and War Circles thriving again – And Sioned, Anna and Esca had been pondering on how to deal with that, as nay all folks were just interested in hunting-trips for the various creatures or sailing trips like herself - She knew that some of the people inhaled the air and lived for the mighty battles or the duels – toe to toe. And instead of sending them directly over to Felucca, with their terrible old fashioned armours and the rust and dust on their weapons and spellbooks – Maybe it was an idea to try and get them into shape with an old fashioned “Tournament”, where the wine bottles would represent the old sigils.

“Hrmm… I gotta try and get this rollin’ - Oh what was that Duchy Guard called, that hosted those tournaments down by the square in Trinsic, cause I could really use some advises from Her about avoiding cheating and such… Rianna? Nay.. Reanna? Reann? Where did I put Mothers journal – I need to check something!”

More laters.