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Announcement The Stratics Classifieds System

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
Hello everyone,

We have released a new way to conduct trades here on Stratics. It is called the "Stratics Classifieds System". This system allows users to create very customizable listings using a variety of tools and categories to help make trades more efficient.

Here is a link to the guide explaining how to use the new Stratics Classifieds System:

How To Use The Stratics Classifieds System

Some of the features included in the system are:

- The ability to bump posts by clicking a "bump" button, so your listings will not be cluttered with "bump comments". The button only allows you to use it once every 24 hours, so you no longer need to worry about accidentally breaking the 24 hour bump rule!

- A "contact owner" button that automatically creates a Private Message between you and the original poster.

- Premium members may choose to feature their listing for increased advertising and exposure.

- Many different categories that buyers can search through individually, or combined which makes it easier to find a specific type of item without having to search through an entire forum. If a person is not looking for anything specific, they can view a page full of combined listings from all of the categories.

- A "random listing" feature that prominently displays a post for all to see on the main classifieds page. The post is picked automatically and is completely random.

- Each listing automatically creates a thread that is posted in the appropriate Trade Forum, when a person clicks on the thread it will bring them to your classifieds listing. When a post is marked as "sold" the thread automatically locks itself so users will be aware that the item is no longer available.

We hope you enjoy the new Stratics Classifieds System and would love to hear feedback from the community!

Classifieds Categories:


Server Birth: Items that were created when a new shard was launched. This category includes things like two story statues and cards.

Old School: This category is designed for items that are old and no longer spawn, but are not considered server births. Some things that could be posted here are holiday bells, snowglobes, and double exceptional items.

Unique: This category is for 1/1 items, which are the only items in the entire game with a particular name.

EM Events: This category is for all items given out at EM events, including "everyone drops" like clickies, which are created when an EM creates an object that players have to click on within a limited time period to receive the item.

Other Events: This category is designed for items given out at events other than EM events. Seer items, items given out at global events, and items given out by Mesanna directly should be posted here.

Bulk Rares: This category is designed for selling multiple rares at once. If a person wants to sell a large collection of rares, or wants to sell a set of rares together that do not all fit into the same category this is the place to post it.


Homes & Castles: This category is for selling any type of housing, including castles and keeps.

Equipment: This category is for selling wearable items that have properties on them, such as mana regeneration, swing speed increase, etc.

Resources: This category is for items like ore, wood, imbuing ingredients, barbed kits, powder of fortification etc.

Pets: Any tamed pet can be sold in this category, including pets that no longer spawn.

Bulk Non-Rares: This category is for the sale of groups of non-rare items. If a person wants to sell a group of items that would all fit into different categories, they could post it here. For example a castle filled with resources and equipment.

Holiday & Anniversary: This category is for the sale or trading of current holiday and anniversary items. Once the holiday items are no longer spawning, they would instead be posted in the "Old School" category of the rares section.

Veteran Rewards: This category is for the sale of veteran rewards, which are items long-term players are able to choose. The older the players account is, the more items they have to choose from.

Plants & Seeds: This category is for the sale of plants and seeds. Items related to gardening may also be posted here, raised garden beds for example.

House Decorations: This category is for house decorations that do not fit into any of the other categories, items from the Primeval Lich spawn for example.

Miscellaneous: This category is for items that do not fit into any of the other categories.

Mixed Lot: Any combination of items can be sold in this category.