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The story of Petar Sanchez

Stinky Pete

I wanted to share the story of Father Petar Sanchez, a character I played on Requiem for a while. I've barely been playing any UO lately, but it is a fun story I wanted to share.

Petar, or Father Pete, came to the First Province seeking to spread the holy word of the profit, Stinky Pete. "Abandon thy possessions and set thyself free!" He would often yell in the tavern. He attracted the attention of a man named Octavius (a friend from Siege) who became a devoted follower of "The Church of Pete" as it would come to be known. Octavius got himself into some trouble with a local doctor, he may have been stealing.... Imagine that. The doctor reported him to Church authorities who were apparently upholding the law in the fort where all of this occurred. The Church kidnapped Octavius and threatened to torture him, but Octavius managed to escape. When he escaped he quickly went into hiding and hired Petar to file a grievance against the doctor. It did not go so well.

An official grievance - Requiem Shard

Petar found Lucian later in the tavern and tried to explain that neither him nor Octavius were heretics and that being burned to death was not going to solve anything, but Lucian is an arrogant man who believes God is on his side. At first it was going well, Petar told him everything of the Profit and of his devotion to the One True God, Decus. He told him the story of how Stinky Pete freed the poor miners of Barter Town and taught them the ways of sacrifice and devotion. Petar spoke of his vow of poverty and how he gives everything to those who would serve Decus and teach the wealthy both sacrifice and humility. Apparently this made Lucian nervous, to meet a man more pious and devoted than himself. Lucian declared the Profit and everyone from Barter Town heathens. Father Pete would hear no more of it and literally spat in the man's face before the conversation was over and he ran out the door.

Later that day Lucian announced that he would be delivering a sermon. In his sermon he publicly declared Petar a heretic who would be put to the pyre. Anyone found aiding him would also be cleansed by the flame. Petar's days were numbered. But, Petar had no fear of death, he had lived a life of sacrifice, his duties to the One True God had already been served, he knew exactly how to die a hero's death. He would go to a contact and acquire some explosives and practice an ancient artform known only to the most desperate of men.


It wasn't long before it happened. That very evening, Octavius saw Petar in the tavern and sold him out to Lucian. Lucian and his men arrested Petar in the tavern. (Perhaps, it is best to cut to the video here.)




https://www.unnaturalnature.com/uothief/videos/Crowd After Petars Death.mp4