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(Player Event) The Runestone Scavenger Hunt Returns to Skara Brae!


Seasoned Veteran
The fine print:

I have confirmed that all 16 of these locations exist on Chesapeake and can have runes marked at them. Whomever submits a runebook or bag of runes with the most correct number of locations wins the contest. In the event there is a tie a random generator will pick the winner. These locations are ONLY in Felucca or Trammel, no where else.

The Corwyn Library is here at 56 25 S, 33 40 W in Felucca.


Seasoned Veteran
A message from Reeves's Quick, Governor of the Island and Farmlands of Skara Brae and Iver's Rounding, etc etc:

"Thank you to everyone who participated in the Runestone Scavenger hunt! As always the contestants learned a thing or two about geography and history and I was aided in finding some incredible treasure! A win win for everyone!

Stay tuned for the contest winner at the bottom. But for now, let's talk about these locations. . .

The Journal of Jimson Datura is found in the Yew Crypts of Trammel. Doesn't he seem like a pleasant fellow, calling the Elves 'blasted' and talking about flowing death?

Here's the corpse of poor Lord Valyon. Quite a bloody scene, innit? You found this spot simply by wandering around outside of East Britian in Trammel.

I didn't know Lady Stormy personally. But she has a beautiful memorial here on Trammel Fire Island.

What a gruesome scene here at the Trammel Daemon Temple on Fire Island! Is that truly the sacrificed body of King Whatshisname? Wolfsbane? Wolfgang? I have no idea... If that IS him then who is buried in that tomb down in Dungeon Doom?

Some leftover Royal Letterhead in Lord British's old council chamber in his castle in Trammel. Seems like the moths have ate up that table cloth, too.

Lord British kept a little pillow for Sherry the Mouse next to his bed in his castle in Trammel. How sweet, the rats all live together.

Downstairs in the Blue Boar of Trammel Britain we have this nice Box of Loot Recovered from Castle Blackthorn. If you open it you'll find a treasure map that for some reason dissolves in a matter of seconds. My old buddy Slim the Fence keeps a watchful eye over it.

Here in the courtyard of Castle Britain in Trammel we have this odd looking structure. Someone told me this was from some sort of peril or whatever the realm faced. All I know is, I've been trying to pry those gems off its facade for years now and they won't come loose.

At the Museum in Felucca Vesper we find the Exhibit of Britannian Oddities On Display. I wonder if the rather violent Governor of Vesper uses this as a front for a prison for her political foes.

The golden Sultan's Idol is here at his palace in Felucca Nujel'm. Don't try and steal it! (It's very, very heavy, trust me.)

wintersoul1.png wintersoul2.png
Now this place sure is interesting. A lonely pentagram in a cave on the Dragonhame Mountains in Felucca leads to this hidden sanctuary. Step on the pentagram and say 'wintersoul' and you're whisked away. It's pretty dern cold inside but I do like the chair.

ReevesHouse.gif invisiblehouse.PNG
Here's another really odd place in Felucca near Cove. A house with invisible walls! It looks like a ruin as you pass by but everything sorta turns itself nice once inside. Not sure the story here but it seems utterly unique.

This poor Lonely Ankh.. all by itself on a tiny island in the Northern Forests of Felucca. (I wonder how many ships have crashed into it and sank.)

I hear the Orcs that built the Olag Hai Orc Fort near Pax Lair in Felucca gave the City of Peace a ton of trouble over the years. The fort is completely abandoned now, with no Orcs to be found. Did.. did Winfield have them all exterminated...?

The old Minax Fortress in the Felucca Dragonhame Mountains. As I understand it her army during the Faction Wars used to meet here. I didn't fight in that war, myself. We Papuans kept out of that conflict and all the others that seem to plague this realm. (You Britannians are blood thirsty.)

Finally we find poor Boric's Skeleton still chained to a desk in the Felucca Yew. He was so close to that butcher's knife.. Could he have cut the chain with it? Or cut off something else? We'll never know!

Thank you for taking this tour through Britannia with me! We have a rich, interesting realm full of treasure treasured places that I love to share!

For the winner of the contest we had three books turned in by Cutthroat Sally, Bloodlust, and Maith Coel. Sally and Bloodlust got all but one rune correct, Maith got 11 correct!

Cutthroat Sally won the random pick and gets the three million gold! Congratulations!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

-Reeves Quick, Governor etc etc."


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