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(Player News) The Peerage of Siege Perilous: [SPHS] Interviews Babydoll!

Silent Singer

Stratics Veteran

[SPHS]: What was your first experience with Ultima Online?

BD: First experience would have been darn 20 years ago, it was the T2A expansion. I and 3-4 of my nephews entered through Moonglow to Papau then followed the road to Delucia, fighting whatever threatened us on our journey (mainly Orc's as I recall). I have always loved videogames from Pac Man, MarioBro's, Donkey Kong and so on. Then I got into Nintendo and Sega games, but most all were single player games. So my first online game was UO which I found amazingly fun and I just fell in love with it.

[SPHS]: What brought you to Siege? How long have you played here, and how frequently do you play now?

BD: Our first shard was Lake Superior, then one day Sprago talked about a new shard coming out called Siege Perilous. So we all made characters over here, but I believe Sprago became more hard core for Siege than the rest of us. I played here to get skills up and stay in the shadows but spent most of my time on LS. Then as time went by I spent more and more time on Siege, I guess Siege has been my only shard for several years now. I play almost daily in winter but way less in spring /summer.

[SPHS]: In the last month, what did you spend the majority of your game time doing?

BD: In the last month I have been in hunting parties, killing stuff with alliance toons, collecting peerless keys, been to a couple IDOCs, made a deal here and there, a lil' house decoratinging and **** talking with people online.

[SPHS]: To date, what has been your best day on Siege?

BD: To date ... hard call on best day ever on Siege, been too many to count. I did love winning the New Magincia plot, well I won two spots but I wanted the spot I got, sold the other.

[SPHS]: Which players do you interact with the most?

BD: What players do I interact with ... again hard call, I play with my alliance, Sprago. But I have made deals with several people, and like to gen chat with people. So I interact with a lot of people just in different ways.

[SPHS]: Are you in a guild, and if so, how many other players are in it? What guilds were you in before this one?

BD: I am in the family guild [IPKU], before when we had factions we had a family guild title of [I4NI]. We have 7 toons in [IPKU] but only family. Makes VICE alliance great for us. Only other guilds (that were temporary) were [BORG], [TnT], and [CFS].

[SPHS]: If you could pick one player who is no longer on the shard that you could return, who would it be and why?

BD: Special players, I miss and think about many others over the years, too many to list. If players returned I guess I would like the other three (T.K., Boof, and Lucian) family members. They log in once in a while but don't stay long.

[SPHS]: If you could permanently REMOVE one anything (activity / item / player / encounter / mechanic) from the shard, what would it be and why?

BD: I would remove the high vendor fees. Maybe not remove but lower the fee cost.

[SPHS]: If you could permanently ADD one anything (activity / item / player / encounter / mechanic) from the shard, what would it be and why?

BD: I would bring factions back, I had more fun in those days over VvV. Not that VvV isn't okay but if I could wave a wand that would be it.

[SPHS]: What did you like better about factions? What was your favorite faction and why?

BD: I liked the perks it gave, like monster ignore of course, lol. I guess maybe the lil routine to it. I would go out and kill Deamons to build up self rez. Then I would go to Blighted Grove and hit silver serpents for my monster ignore. Then I would get keys to a peerless dungeon, then solo most any dungeon. I liked the list of artifacts I could get with saving faction points up. I liked that we had to defend whatever base that we occupied against opponents. We (family) chose a certain faction depending on how many others were in other factions. I guess I liked True Brits over the other three factions, then Minax would be second place.

[SPHS]: Speaking of Minax, who is your nemesis, and why is it Malloc?

BD: No single nemesis lol I make it a point to enjoy the game and not let things like nemesis get in the way as it has in the past over the years. Don't always succeed in keeping mellow because there are just those times that I get irked by someone. Malloc is a friendly fire toon. I think we just enjoy the banter as I do with most people.

[SPHS]: How did you get the Mesanna Lantern locked down at your New Magincia house? Did you win it or trade for it? Isn't that a 1 of 1 on Siege?


BD: Well I think there are 5 on the shard that I have heard of over the years. I once had two lanterns, but Igg A Pie used his sexy ways and got me to sell him one. Way back in time Sprago and I actually got lanterns from Mesanna herself, and I talked Sprago out of his. lol

[SPHS]: You are dropped into an IDOC brawl and have time to grab one item. What item would you wish to grab above anything else?

BD: IDOC I would grab the one backpack that had the mils of checks in it. Only one item ... well I do not recall the name of it, but there is a short candelabra that changes color, Sara Dale has one. So if her house fell that would be it.

[SPHS]: How long did it take to create the best house in UO? The pictures don't do it justice, in person it is truly a work of art.



BD: This specific design, maybe three years give or take a few months. My present house is an on going house deco design. Over the years I have done deco jobs of each section of my house. Then I thought lets combine what I like about previous designs and worked them into one design to fit a 15x15. And thats where I am today, not done and much to do as I go along and pick up new items.

[SPHS]: Maybe you can get the EM to drop a rug that changes color, that would really tie the room together ;)

[SPHS]: What do you use your Siege bless on the most?

BD: My basic template is mystic/mage/stealth and I keep my Staff of the Magi or Staff of Pyros Siege blessed.

[SPHS]: If you could give one bit of advice to a new-to-Siege or returning player, what would it be?

BD: Don't return or start, LOL. If starting Siege my advice would be, it is only pixels of no real conseqence so never fear the death of a pixel toon. So enjoy the game and ignore the haters.

Ol'Rac Nnod

Seasoned Veteran
These interviews are awesome! Most people know of the big name players here, but there hasn't been a single interview so far that hasn't expanded the knowledge to be had about these folks by many times over! A scribe in game should probably put a library of these interviews together so future citizens can go back and read through.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Where the sex, list of lovers etc???;) Just kidding, really nice interview and I love the house