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The Mother of all compilations for the BARD MASTERIES! (Updated 2012)


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The Mother of all compilations for the BARD MASTERIES!
(fully updated to November 2012 by Poo and Logrus to be 100% accurate, less filling and half the calories yet all the taste!)

All Bard Skill Timeout reduced to 8 Seconds.
Having a bard mastery further reduces all Bard Skill Timeouts by 1 second (7), and an additional 1 second(6) for the Skill of the mastery focus.

Bard Mastery System – NPC’s can be found in the Music Conservatory in Fel and Tram

Bard players will be able to select one of three areas of bard mastery, each pertaining to one of the main barding skills. The mastery abilities will be based on the players’ skill in the associated area, but will NOT affect the current way the skill is used nor how the players interact with that skill.

Choosing / Obtaining a mastery:

Players will perform a quest obtainable from the quest givers in the Music Conservatory to receive a mastery spellbook.
Players will be able to switch between the three different masteries by toggleing the Bard Mastery Book once every 10 minutes.

Mastery ability initiation.
Once players have chosen a mastery, the abilities are freely usable at any time and only have as requirements the skill and mana costs.

Mastery abilities:
Party must remain within range(8) of the Bard to remain under the spellsong effects.
Spell songs remain in effect as long as the target is in range. Regardless of visibility or Line of Sight.
Spell songs can be de-activated by recasting them. Deactivating them is an instant cast time.
Bards may be interrupted when they receive damage while using their abilities.(In PvM interrupt chance scales with damage)
Mana upkeep cost is taken every 2 seconds.
A bard can have both their mastery spell songs active at the same time.
Abilities do not stack with themselves.(2 bards in party with same mastery ability active- first come first served)
All abilities require upkeep dependent on how many are being affected by the ability. (Cost increases by 1 per 5 affected. including mounts)
Abilities will not check for Criminal flagging, so beware of your Party members.
Ability cast speed is affected by Faster Casting peroperty (Cap = 4)
Bards with secondary bard skills above GM (Real Skill) will receive a slightly reduced mana cost for spell song upkeep.(-1 per additional skill above GM)
Bards with a mastery get a 5% bonus to their success chance at using any bard skills, and a 10% bonus to using the skill of their mastery focus.
All bard songs receive a slight bonus to their effects if the bard has additional bard skills over GM(Real Skill).
For the primary skills (Music + Mastery Focus Skill)
You get 1 point per 10 skill points above 90. (and since the minimum requirements is 90, you automatically are starting at 2 points - one from each skill)
So from musicianship and your mastery skill you have up to 8 points.
Your secondary skills (other bard skills than your mastery skill) you get 1 point per 10 points above GM, so thats a potential of 6 points.
The weighting of those points vary by spellsong and may be a factor or exponential.
For example:
Inspire would be weighted at 2 per point of primary skills and 1 per point of secondary skills.
So thats (8 * 2) + (6 * 1) for a 4x Bard to HCI/SDI -> 22%

Provocation: Title Exhilarator (These will be considered beneficial actions)

Words of Power; Uus Por
HCI/SDI: 4 - 16 (Base) +1% Bonus per 10 points in a secondary skill above GM.
(So thats up to 22% HDI/SDI for a 4x Legendary Bard) (PvP Cap is still in effect however)
DI = 20 - 40% (Base) + 3% Per 10 points in secondary skill above GM (58% at 4x Legendary)
Damage Modifier = 1-15% (This damage modifier is similar to slayer effects and so is counted above the weapon 300% damage cap from items/tactics/strenght/anatomy and above the SDI Cap in PvP)

Words of Power; An Zu
8 To each stat (Base) +2 for each skill at 120 (4x Legendary = +14)
Hit Points increased by up to 20 (+2 for each skill at 120) (4x Legendary = 26)
Healing every 4 seconds; 4-16 (Base) , 4xLegendary (10-22)

Peacemaking: Title Galvanizer (These will be considered beneficial actions)

Words of Power; Kal Mani Tym
Natural Poison resistance increase(not the stat, does scale)
2-16 to all Regens(Base) +2 per 10 points in each of the three barding skills over GM (4x Legendary +22)
Curse Duration Reduction (Mortal, Bleed, Curse)
10-40% (Base), (4xLegendary 60%)

Words of Power; Uus Jux Sanct
Casting Focus 1- 4 (Base) (4x Legendary = 6%)
DCI 2-24% (Base) (4x Legendary 30%)
Damage Reduction 2-24% (Base) (4x Legendary 30%)

Discordance: Title Desponder (These will be considered aggressive/negative actions)

Discordance spell songs are affected by the target's magic resistance. (PvP and specific Mobs only)

Words of Power; In Jux Hur Rel
Bonus damage is no longer physical. Its a flat % of damage taken.
Duration (5-11 rounds) - 4x Legendary =14 rounds
Bonus Damge (8 - 32%) Base, 4x Legendary ( 50%) (Discordance Based) (Chance to Trigger damage Musicianship Based) Damage bonus modified by 1.5 with Slayer Instruments
Bonus Damage Chance ( 15 - 60%) Base, 4x Legendary (84%)
HCI/SDI Debuff (5 - 20%) Base, 4xLegendary (32%)

Words of Power; Kal Des Mani Tym
Duration (5-11 rounds) - 4x Legendary =14 rounds
Damage (9 - 36) (Base) , 4x Legendary (48)
Damage Type selectable from Mastery Book context menu. (Damage type cannot be changed while ability is active)
PvM Damage Modifier 1.5x
PvM w/Slayer Damage Modifier 3x
Strength Reduction (4 - 16) Base, (4x Legendary 22) (Subject to modifier for PvM and slayers)

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UO Legend
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Stratics Legend
Mastery Abilities All calculations Based on true skill
There are points assigned to the main skill and music skill
Mains Points = Skill - 80 / 10 (for the skill and musicianship)
Secondary Points = Skill - 90 / 10 (for the other bard skills)
Since UO rounds them down to int you get a value between 1 to 4 for the contribution for Main Skill and music while the secondary skills give 1 to 3 point values

Upkeep Cost is reduced by 1 for each additional bard skill at GM or Above.
Provo Mastery Abilities
Inspire :
(Mana Cost: 16, Upkeep Cost: 4, Casting Circle: 5)
Bonus HCI/SDI = 2 * ( Provo Points + Music Points) + Disco Points + Peace Points
Max = 22% (Subject to Item Cap of 45 for HCI and 15% SDI for PvP)
(So Provo and music contribute 8 points each, while peace and disco contribute 3 points each)

Damage Increase= 5* ( Provo Points + Music Points) + 3 *( DiscoPoints + Peace Points)
Max = 58% (this is weapon damage increase and subject to item cap of 100)

Bonus All Damage Modifier (Acts like slayer bonus)
(ProvoPts * MusicPts * 3)/ 4 + (PeacePts + DiscoPts) /2
= Max 15% (Subject to Multiplier Caps of 300% like in slayers or honor. Applied to Spell and Hit Damage and allows cap to be exceeded in PvP)

Invigorate : (Mana Cost: 22, Upkeep Cost:5 , Casting Circle:7 )
Bonus Stats = ProvoPts + MusicPts + PeacePts + DiscoPts
Max = 14 (Does Not Exceed Stat Cap of 150)

BonusHP = 3*ProvoPts + 2* MusicPts + DiscoPts + PeacePts
Max = 26 (Does Not Exceed HP Cap of 200)

Healing = 2*ProvoPts + MusicPts + DiscoPts + PeacePts + Random(1,4)
Max = 19-22 hps healed every 4 seconds

Peace Mastery Abilities
(Mana Cost: 16, Upkeep Cost: 4, Casting Circle:5)
Regeneration Bonus (HPR,SR,MR): = (Peace Points * Music Points ) + DiscoPts + Provo Pts
Max = 22 (This can exceed the item cap, but will only stack with item HPR up to the item cap.)

Poison Resistance: Grants resistance to poison effect in the same way having the poisoning skill does but does not stack with poisoning skill.
Level of Resistance = (PeacePts + MusicPts) /2 + (discoPts + ProvoPts) / 3
Max = 6 (This will even resist lethal poison Lev5 or higher which some MOBs have)

Curse Duration Reduction: Applies to Curse, Evil Omen, Mortal Wound, Bleed, Blood Oath, Sleep
Curse Duration Reduction = ((PeacePts + MusicPts) /2 + (discoPts + ProvoPts) / 3) * 10
Max = 60% Reduction (At this level Mortal Wound is reduced to 2 second duration)

Preservance: (Mana Cost: 18, Upkeep Cost: 5, Casting Circle:6)
Damage Reduction: Reduces ALL incoming damage (after Armor factor)
Defense Chance Increase (DCI)
Damage Reducton and DCI = (PeacePts * MusicPts * 3)/ 2 + (DiscoPts + ProvoPts)
Max = 30% (The damage reduction will reduce armor ignores from 35 to 23)

Casting Focus (Stacks with items): (PeacePts + MusicPts) + (DiscoPts + ProvoPts)/3
Max = 6%

Disco Mastery Abilities
(Mana Cost:20 , Upkeep Cost:10, Casting Circle:8 )
Chance to Trigger Bonus damage when target takes any damage
Trigger Chance: (MusicPts * 15) + ((ProvoPts + PeacePts) * 4)
Max = 84%

Bonus Damage (Dealt as Direct Damage): (DiscoPts * 8) + ((ProvoPts + PeacePts) * 3)
Max = 50% (Slayer Instrument Multiplies this damage by 1.5 for a max of 75%)

Reduced HCI/SDI on Target: (DiscoPts * 5) + ((ProvoPts + PeacePts) * 2)
Max = 32%

In PvP Magic resist reduces effect and gives target a chance to shake off the debuff:
Resist factor = 2 *(TargetMagicResist / 10) -8)
Damage is reduced by resistFactor * 2
Max: -16
If player is unable to receive damage they willcompletely resist the spellsong.

Chance to remove the spell song
Resist Factor * Current Damage Round

Despair: (Mana Cost:26 , Upkeep Cost: 12, Casting Circle:8)
Deals Elemental Damage to Target and Reduces Strength
Strength Reduction = 2*(DiscoPts + MusicPts) + (ProvoPts + PeacePts) * TypeModifier
The Type Modifier is 1 for players 1.5 for NonPlayers and 3 for slayer instrument
Max = 22 for players, 33 for Mobs,

Despair Base Damage (Type selectable from context menu)= (DiscoPts *5) + (MusicPts *4) + ((ProvoPts + PeacePts) * 2) * TypeModifier
Max = 60 for players 90 forMobs

In PvP
Damage Reduced by ResistFactor/2 * 3
Max = 12
Resist factor = 2 *(TargetMagicResist / 10) -8)
Chance to remove the spell song
Resist Factor * Current Damage Round
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Saving for updates

DreadLord Lestat

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Stratics Veteran
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Saving for updates

DreadLord Lestat

Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
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Saving for updates

DreadLord Lestat

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I am opening this up for comments and questions.