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The Luminaries are recruiting (order) on Drifting Castle



The Luminaries - Lumi

Server: Drifting Castle (Order)

In game Leader Contacts

Melaura - Witch Hunter
Thresh - Swordmaster

Greetings! Drifting Castle Order players.

The Luminaries are looking to expand our guild into warhammer so we are looking for some new quality members to add to our family that are as enthusiastic about playing war as we are.
We are all very close and have developed a tight knit friendship with our entire member base.
Often you can find us on vent and our forums chatting with each other when not playing.
Our objective here is to have a really great and fun time helping Order defeat the forces of Destruction on Drifting Castle, while we support each other in leveling, crafting, PQ’s, and organized RvR.

Lumi is a mature guild with members whom are all 18+. We’re all pretty casual players but very experienced. We have a background in many mmo’s including Guild wars, Wow, and LOTRO ect.
We have all the usual perks for our guild members including active forums, a private vent server, an irc channel and even an arcade.
For more information please visit our website www.theluminaries.net.
Or go directly to our Warhammer recruitment section.

Progression, Longevity, and Growth is our motto and we plan on having a long lasting presence in Warhammer on Drifting Castle. We are not interested in being a huge guild full of strangers but rather one of quality people that we can get to know and enjoy helping and playing with day to day.

Currently The Majority of our guild is in tier 2, with a small few in tier 3, while some of the newer members that have just joined are getting through tier 1. As of right now we are accepting members of all classes and levels but we are especially looking for more dwarf players. Ironbreakers, Rune Priest, and Engineers. If the above paragraphs sound appealing to you contact us about joining in game our through our website app.

I'm looking forward to hearing and meeting some new potential members and I'll see you all on the battlefield.
- Dag The Luminaries Founder.