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The Homecoming


Greetings, Grenier here. I can remember the last day I stood on the porch of my cabin looking over the woods I call home for all those years. This has been my home for 7 years but it was time to go.I was not sure what awaited me when I got there all I knew was it was time. With a heavy heart I locked the last chest a put it in my pack horse and headed out. The years away were good for me. I had become stagnant it my life, I NEEDED new adventures and I found them. I was earning fame and riches while gone but there was a growing emptiness inside,a void, a longing for my old home. I was not sure if it was even possible to come home. What would I find? Would there even be a place for me. I had to know. It was time for me to go back.

As I arrived in New Haven I was greeted with the familar sites, sounds and smells that haunted my memories of late. Everything seemed as it was, I was overjoyed. I began exploring the city and was greeted with crys of "Hey Adventurer", and I could use some help. I needed the money and was glad to help. I was walking this Mage to the mage shop when ahead at the bank I saw a Gargoyal heading in the front doors. I rushed to the aid of the bankers and to my suprise they were doing business with them. It seems Elves are not the only nonhuman race here anymore. What else had changed? I must see the world.

I headed to Luna. I knew that there would life in that once active city, but I was wrong. The place was empty. I wandered the town looking at the vendor homes and was sad to find it an empty shell of its once glorious self. The building were still there, but seeing the vast number of vendors holding empty bags showed the true state of this land. I could only imagin what the other towns looked like. Gone are the social days of bank sitting a gathering place of information,adventure and trade. I was at a low point wondering if I made the right choice returning to my old home. It may not be what it onces was but I will do my part to make what it is better for all around me. I needed a plan.

I found a small place to call base camp while I gather a team of people I trust to help me. Young crafters and gatherers have joined me with a single goal. To help all in need and to help make Chesapeake glorious once again...(OOC.. please take no offence in my rp views of Chessy. There are great people here I have seen and would like to get to know you all)