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The Festival of the Way: Discussion & Roles

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Babbling Loonie
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The Festival of the Way: Discussion & Roles

Ceno said:
Ok here is my talk with The Widow.

The Widow: Thou knowest that Nicholas and Sphinx have gotten it in mind to hold a procession, aye, son?
Ceno: No, I havent. I have not seen them today
The Widow: So they have, And many shall play parts. They do not yet understand why they seek to do what they seek to do. But I shall tell thee, for I trust thee. Of all in this World, thou understandest most. Thou knowest the Power of Story. I trust thee, my son.
Ceno: I am honored
The Widow: And so I begin the story. What knowest thou of the origins of Dawn?
Ceno: Sadly I do not know much.
The Widow: Methinks the Dawnians have forgotten their earliest origins. But I shall tell thee. In ancient Sosaria there was a city known as Dawn
Ceno: * leans forward to listen carefully *
The Widow: This city was unlike any other in Sosaria. For it existed outside of space and time. Suspended from the rest of the World. Knowest of what I speak?
Ceno: I do not think I do, I am not as famillier with Sosarian past as Nicholas is.
The Widow: To the South of this Castle, stood a city called Dawn. But yet this city was not always there. One could only enter this city during the brief moment when the moons were right. Once inside the City of Dawn, one could remain as long as he wished. Suspended in time outside of the World, and yet by an outsider the City of Dawn would remain unseen. That is, of course, until that moment when the moons were right again. “Dawn is rising” we would say, as we would stand there waiting for the moment when the city would shummer into existence. It was a remarkable sight!
Ceno: I do not doubt that!
The Widow: Hast thou ever heard of such a city, my son? Hast thou heard the legend?
Ceno: Aye, I have heard of something like that, but that was the only detail the person knew. They did not know the name of the city or the rest of the legend.
The Widow: The Kingdom of Dawn today, it is ruled by the one called WildStar, aye, son?
Ceno: * thinks back *
Ceno: I believe she is the Regent. The Prince is around, but is too young so some could say she is the “ruler”
The Widow: I wonder if she knowest that her people have their origin in this ancient mystic city. For the Kingdom of Dawn as it exists today, was founded by none other than the ruler of that ephemeral city of old.
Ceno: I believe they do know.
The Widow: Now, my son, now that thou knowest the history. Thou wilt understand what I say. The death of Royal Thumaturge hath brought back to my mind an ancient story many years ago, in ancient Sosaria.
The Widow: There was another Thaumaturge who did shuffle off this mortal coil. And when it came time to entomb the body of this Mage, he was laid to rest in the most magic of all places. At the very center of the City of Dawn Art thou taking good notes, my child?
Ceno: * nods as he writes it all down *
The Widow: From everywhere throughout ancient Sosaria,
::EDIT: sadly I missed a screen shot by a hair and cant read the next line::
The Widow: From the lands about this Castle four set forth. The first was a Shepherdess, She was the Thaumaturge's niece. The second was a bard whose voice was known throughout the Realm. He would go to sing the dirge. The third was a provision, a simple seller of rations, who secretly practiced the dark arts in the cellar of his shop. He would go hoping to steal the ring that the Thaumaturge was rumored to wear. And the fourth was a young, strapping fighter. Who went simply to see the spectacle. They set out on the second Fireday of Fifthmonth. I believe that fireday is now known as Friday in the vernacular, now, aye?
Ceno: I believe so
The Widow: And fifthmonth, it doth go as May, aye?
Ceno: Aye
The Widow: And so it was. The four filled their skins with the Water of Life which doth flow to this very day from the Fountain in this Castle. And they set out South to seek the City of Dawn. Alas, they never made it, nor did they ever find the City. For perhaps they did not know its secret. And so, it is said that they four would wander North and South season after season. They wandered North and South and then South and North.
:: EDIT – at this point she stopped speaking for some time then got out of her seat and stood some more.::
Ceno: * looks up from his paper *
Ceno: Is there a problem, Mum?
The Widow: forgive me son. Art thou still following the story, son?
Ceno: Had another vision? Aye
The Widow: So I did. So anyway, my child, they wandered for many seasons until their very tracks would make the road which doth run to this day from Britain to Trinsic. This would become the main thoroughfare of our World, and would shape this Realm into the cities and settlements thou knowest today. And so, come the second Friday of Fifthmonth. Nicholas and Sphinx and others from this realm, are to commemorate this legendary event with a procession. It shall be called “The Festival of The Way.” And it shall be celebrated here in this Shard each second Friday of Fifthmonth henceforth. Four shall be chosen to represent the party of old. A sheperdess, a bard, a simple young fighter, and a practitioner of dark magic. I believe the last should be represented by the one called Sleath.
Ceno: He does like his necromancy.
The Widow: Their way should be lighted by candles, from here to Trinsic. And behind them, the citizenry, lead by Nicholas, by virtue of his knowledge of the past. The one called WildStar, thou knowest her well, Aye?
Ceno: Aye, she has let the new Tower rest on the border of Dawn and Avalon.
The Widow: She shall stand with her people at the midway point, representing the ancient ephemeral city. The procession shall pass as if not seeing her. But she will shout, “Remember the Thaumaturge!” as the procession passes on. Along the way, the cook, the kitchen girl named Magdalena, she will pass out draughts of the Water of Life to the crowd. And when at last they arrive at the gates of Trinsic, Xel shall be there to give a speech and to invite all into revelry. Thou understandest what thou art doing, Ceno, aye? Thou art going to be responsible for the first native-born holiday in this World or in any of the versions of our World. Thou understandest, aye?
Ceno: Aye Mum, Tis a great honor...I'm speechless.
The Widow: I chose thee for thou art a true Storyteller, my son. Both in the room in which thou sittest, and in the room in which thou sittest.
Ceno: * nods *
Ceno: Thank thee, Mum. But what about Nicholas? He is also a wonderful Storyteller.
The Widow: He is a Storykeeper. There is a difference.
Ceno: * nods *
The Widow: I respect him greatly, which is why he shall lead the procession of the citizenry. Nicholas and Sphinx must be told all of this.
Ceno: I shall make copies.
The Widow: I believe that nicholas needeth to hear this most of all. For it shall answer several of his questions.
Ceno: * nods *
The Widow: Thou shalt not fail me, Ceno. I know thou shan't.
Ceno: I wont Mum, this is a huge honor and I would hate to disappoint thee.
The Widow: Be off then, my son. Begin telling the Story...
The Widow: Now.
The Widow: WildStar and her people shall wear white.
Ceno: * nods * * quickly writes that down *
The Widow: All others shall wear the black robes of mourning until at last they reach the end. Then let the robes be cast off, and let all revel!
Ceno: * Smiles *
The Widow: My son, methinks this maketh thee the Lord of the Way. Dost thou know what that is?
Ceno: Nay
The Widow: In the other World, mayhaps one would say Father Christmas.
Ceno: * Laughs *
The Widow: I always knew thou wouldst be a legend.
Ceno: Hmm
The Widow: So thus is the Festival of the Way.
Ceno: That is the second time in two days you have said that.
The Widow: And as for the Lord of the Way, I shall leave it to thee to write that Story as thou seest fit.
Ceno: May I change one thing?
The Widow: Of course
Ceno: I no longer feel worthy of a title such as “Lord” like I once did. I am simply Ceno.
The Widow: Ceno, the Ward of the Way.
Ceno: Mayhaps Keeper?
Ceno: * throwing out ideas *
The Widow: I shall expect my gift on the Morning of the Festival of the Way!
The Widow: * smiles *
Ceno: * Laughs *
The Widow: Go now.
Ceno: What would you like Mum? And I shall be sure to get it.
The Widow: A silver coin from Skara Brae.
Ceno: A silver coin...
The Widow: Thou shalt be checking thy list, aye?
The Widow: Handing gifts out! My, oh my.
The Widow: A legend.
Ceno: I use to wish to be a legend...which is funny
Ceno: * laughs *
The Widow: Well now that thou hast stopped wishing to be one, now thou art one.
Ceno: Now? I just wish to keep history alive, wither someone knows it was me who helped keep it
The Widow: 'Tis always they it worketh
Ceno: Well, I shall not fail thee.
The Widow: Nay. Thou shan't.
Sara of Baja said:
The Widow’s conversation with me:

On the second Friday of the fifth month, there shall be the first of what will be an annual Procession. The Procession shall commemorate an ancient legend. Four travelers left the City of Britain long, long ago to attend the funeral of a Great Mage. The funeral was to be held in Dawn, an ancient and magic city to the South. They did not know that the City of Dawn would only appear when the Moons were right. And so they became lost, and wandered for many seasons. It is said that their tracking and tredging did wear the path that would become the road that leaded hence to Trinsic. It is the main thoroughfare of our World and what shaped the architecture, the economy and the spiritual life of all who dwell here. Without that road, this World would be a different place. And so, the procession is to take place on a day henceforth known as The Festival of the Way. A lovely name, aye?

Nicholas and the Sphinx are working on the details, and the one called Ceno will be able to see to it that the Story is written. I need, however, thy help. I ask of thee two things: First, I would ask thee to conspire with Ceno and Nicholas and the Sphinx to gather together all the details, and to put forth a cry for all in our land to attend the Festival of the Way. Mayhaps invitations may be extended to those from other Worlds, as well. And second, at the procession’s end, the one called Xel is to give a few remarks, and then to call all into revelry. I would ask thee to see to it that the endpoint of the Procession is decorated well and festively. Our first native holiday should be properly adorned.

The Procession will follow the road from his Castle itself down to Trinsic and so, I would guess the gates of Trinsic would be the place. Thou art free to coordinate this all with Ceno, and Nicholas, and the Sphinx. I do think thee, my daughter, I have long watched thee .. I trust they organization skills beyond II in this realm. If at any point thou needest to assert thy authority to see that things might run smoothly, thou hast my blessing. Daughter, the wisdom of ages hath always been transmitted by the minstrels and jongleueses!
Oriana said:
The Widow it seemed was very busy this night. Most everyone I knew had been summoned by her. I wondered if I too should receive such a summon. It was not long before I did indeed receive such. I was called to meet with Mother Widow in Skara Brae.

It was upon arrival there that she bid me follow her. We walked along the eastern shores of the Main Isle until we reached the docks heading to the landside of the city. There she stopped and began to share with me her thoughts of myself and the reason she had brought me there.

It seems the Mother Widow knew me well, she called me a romantic, which is true. She then told me that for that reason she had brought me to a place that was once her husbands favorite spot. Being the romantic I am, I was honored she had shared this place with me.

Then she began to speak of a procession, a procession celebrating a legendary event many, many moons ago. She began to spin her tale of the legendary City of Dawn. Telling me more than I had ever known about its history. I listened and listened with such amazement. I had only heard short tales of this city and even those were wondered to be true.

Mother Widow ended her story before I was ready, but she asked something of me. She told me of an event to recreate this procession. Many others had been brought forward to be apart of this, many of those that had been summoned already this evening. She continued on a bit more of her story of the four traveling to and from on the road that lies between Britain and Trinsic. She told me that the shepardess kept looking back over her shoulder during their travels and saw a ghost following them and had her quite concerned and fearful. This ghost was to be my part of this procession.

I accepted with much excitement and was told that Ceno would know more of this tale. I quickly messaged him with my story but he was at a lost for words. These stories had been coming into him all evening. From all over he was receiving bits and pieces of this travel and of those that the Widow had approached. I scolded him for teasing me but he assured me it was no jest. I spoke with my dearest friend, Sara, as I knew she had been summoned before I. She told me of her story and we both began to wonder what this all meant.

And so I was told to share my tale and perhaps find out what other clues can be pieced together as this emerging tale unfolds and approaches its reincarnation.
Katrina D'Antres said:
My apologies for the tardiness of my words. Alas, I do not have a precise documentation of our conversation, but nonetheless I bear the news brought to me by the good Widow.

It is a great honor to the D'antres name that I have been chosen to sew the clothing for the procession. I will be creating outfits for the four, the members of the procession, and the citizens of Dawn.

To this end, I wish to clarify those who shall represent the four. I see that Sleath has been named, but who are the other three? For while this procession is to take place some time in the future, I must begin to gather the necessary materials to clothe a small army, and would also like to deliver their chosen outfits some time in advance of the procession. *smiles warmly*

Also, a word to those who will be following as members of the procession.. I shall be providing a variety of clothing, but if you have a special request, please feel free to seek me out. You may also leave a message with my sisters, or one of our cousins named Jaisa Metis.

[[ooc: I am so very pleased about this event! Proof positive that Baja is in the process of reenergizing, and will emerge in the end, more united than ever before! *claps happily*]]


Babbling Loonie
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Kurpur said:
Ug Dere,

Juz su latz nub furgit da Orciez ob diz lanz, Ulg'maz wul stanz nur Warboz Wildstar agh blah, "Hoowah! Da hummiez agh poinitrz ob da lanz ken uz Orciez lanz!"
Pol the Shepherdess said:
Earlier this e'en I was awoken by the gentle hand of Bucko whilst resting at th' inn. He seemed most anxious and roused me from slumber with much haste an' urgency. He didst convey we wert to travel to Jhelom for The Widow didst wish to speak with me. Is it even so? Why Pol? Zounds! By the saints, th' thoughts that entered my mind, I tell thee!

So we didst arrive in Jhelom, using platforms of teleportation to transverse near the stabling area. As I do round th' corner of th' building, I see The Widow be standing o'er yonder with th' finest sheep I didst lay eyes upon. A right fine thing I wouldst say! Heavens!

Bucko took his leave and The Widow do start spinnin' a wondrous-well story about th' city of Dawn. She doth tell of a grand procession to take place on th' second Friday of th' fifth month. And for-some sorts, she be bidding Pol to play th' role of some shepherdess lass from times in goodly length past! I din'a know what to wear to such a grand event but she didst bid me to seek out the lady Katrina about costumes and th' like. Marry! It do sound like a splendid affair.

Pol the shepherd
Bucko the Kid said:
The Widow told me that I am to play the part of the strapping young warrior. Like others I feel this is an honor that I don't deserve. I don't know the Widow very well but from what my instincts tell me she is someone that you don't want to argue with. There is something very powerful about her that makes me cautious. She didn't say anything more to me that hasn't already been posted on this thread.

Lady D'antres, if you would like assistance gathering resources please don't hesitate to ask. My sister and I have been studying spinning and weaving and as a result we have a collection of cloth. I can also hunt for hides should you need them.

Yours in service,

Katrina D'Antres said:

I am pleased to learn of two additional members of the four! That leaves but one left to be uncovered.

Bucko, I am happy to report that the supplies that I keep on hand should fairly well cover the required garments, however I am struggling to gather the beautiful white silk that the tailor shops sometimes have at hand.. *laughs* they claim to offer it as a reward for the orders I've been filling per their request, however they seem to only grant me sandals! *grumbles a bit* I of course will be happy to remit any payment necessary if yourself, or anyone else has some of this fine white silk in their storehouses.

*straightens up*

Right then. I must get back to the tailor shop. Hopefully this time they will reward me in kind for the hours of labor I've committed to their cause. *eyes Faith and Sterling in Luna with a bit of contempt and distrust*

[[ooc: If you see *any* of the white reward cloth, please let me know or purchase it yourself, I will gladly repay with some delivery bonus as well!!]]
Bucko the Kid said:
Greetings Lady D'antres,

I hope this finds you well.

I was wondering if you had any luck finding the white silk that you were looking for? If not please let me know how much you think you'll need and I'll do my best to find it. There isn't a lot of time left to find such beautiful cloth!

Kind Regards,

Bucko the Kid
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