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The Deadliest Sin- Destruction Guild

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The Deadliest Sin
(U.S. Destruction Guild)
Who is The Deadliest Sin?
First off to make this crystal clear, we are NOT an RP guild. In addition The Deadilest Sin is a guild dedicated to hardcore RvR, but do not let this scare you off! We do not plan on kicking you for joining and then only playing with us once or twice a week. That being said The Deadliest Sin will be accomidating of casual RvR players, in addition we will also be forming a PvE raiding group (this consists of both the King in the capital city and all other PvE events within the game from public quests to lairs and instanced Dungeons. We also know how to have a good time, without becoming immiture and offensive to possible other members.
What are the rules of The Deadliest Sin?
The #1 rule of our guild. HAVE FUN! The #2 rule of the guild, LET OTHERS have fun. By these two rules I mean that I as one of your guild leaders wont punish players for wanting to go off and do their own thing, so you as a fellow member of my guild will have NO RIGHT what so ever to bash someone for having a different play style than you. Let me just clarify though, we are a guild, if you are not participating with the guild during an event while your online then you will be frowned upon, especially if it is an event pretaining to your play style (meaning we're raiding a keep and your a RvR player of any kind and you wont join, it will be frowned highly upon, vs. we raiding that same keep and your being an PvE player we will understand why your not joining and over look it).

Aside from those two key rules, BE MATURE! that means you are to respect not only your guild mates but also your fellow War players. We as a mature guild that is striving to be the number one in our realm must hold our heads above such trivial issues. Problems with a fellow guild member should be handled between you two in private. If the issue seems unable to be resolved don't go and just quit the guild, talk to me or one of the fellow guild leaders and we will help to the best of our extent to solve the problem.

The Deadliest Sin is part of an Alliance?
Yes, The Deadliest Sin is currently in an alliance with Darken Crave, and Malice. In the future we are hoping to bring The Bullies, Entropy, and Sadistic Tendencies into our alliance. Within our alliance when working as a team we must abide by the fellow guild rules (only when interacting with them though mind you) But one rule that will be implimented between every alliance member is that no one will be aloud to guild hop between the alliance guilds unless approved by the guild leaders of both guilds this is to help prevent any hard feelings between the guilds. Currently The Deadliest Sin is the smallest of the guilds within our alliance with only 14 confirmed members. But as a whole if the other three guilds join our alliance the alliance will be pushing 700 members.
Is there anything else i should know about The Deadliest Sin?
Other things to know about The Deadliest Sin are, though we will accept causal players within our guild you may be removed from the guild after 2 weeks of inactivity. The Deadliest Sin is also an equal opportunity guild, by this i mean the more time you put into the guild and your player the faster you will rank up, any one player can achieve an officer rank if they push hard enough. Our new guildpage can be found at deadliestsin.guildlaunch.com


even though I'd figure this would be almost expected, close to release we will have our own Vent server. Also, just a little bit of a reason to join our guild early, the longer a player is in the guild and active on the forums the faster you rank up, so its very possible (since we still have almost three months) to fill one of our officer seats before release.

Our officer seats will also be VERY limited Especially Senior Officer seats. So it would be in your best interest to join early before the flood of recruits a few weeks or so before release.

I should also add on that, aside from our 6 leaders, we have 3 senior officers, and 8 members. But though we are very small in numbers now, we predict to have around 60 players hopefully more, but no less than 60 come release, not including the raw recruits that we get from these forums.