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(Player News) The Dark Lady and her royal court visits Siege.


Stratics Veteran
A complete account of the meeting, with the side comments removed and a bit of editing for typos and excessive timestamps.

Summer is a time when folks are enjoying sunshine and vacations, and is always a slow time for Siege. A great time to get farming and crafting done for the rest of us! And so the line of citizens seeking an audience with Sosaria's royalty was modest in size, but not lacking in diversity.


[18/06/25][19:05:42] [Tanager]: Well, hello!
[18/06/25][19:05:46] [Mesanna]: hi
[18/06/25][19:06:01] [Tanager]: Thank you for your work stompin bugs and such! My question: Would it be possible to have a way for a party leader to have a very large message at the top of party member screen, like where You Are Free, Artifact drop message, etc go to issue directions, etc
[18/06/25][19:07:18] [Mesanna]: there isn't a party manifest in the EC
[18/06/25][19:07:37] [Tanager]: Can CC use it for such a thing?
[18/06/25][19:07:41] [Mesanna]: umm a chat channel for the party would not do it
[18/06/25][19:08:05] [Tanager]: Mmm, yes the question is for text to appear huge, in middle of screen, NOT in journal.
[18/06/25][19:08:10] [Mesanna]: I guess I am not understanding what you are wanting to achieve
[18/06/25][19:08:27] [Tanager]: in a group hunt, the journal can fill with spell and monster spam so the request is for a special message, loud and clear, that cannot be missed ;P Only from party leader.
[18/06/25][19:09:00] [Mesanna]: we can discuss this but no promises. It's of course not currently supported and not sure how much time it would take to put something like that in.
[18/06/25][19:09:22] [Tanager]: Discussing it more than there was before :p Thank you! :)
[18/06/25][19:09:34] [Mesanna]: welcome
[18/06/25][19:09:44] [Tanager]: Good luck with publish 100 and 101!

Something I would like to note is that there was a bit of confusion and shuffling at the start of the first interview. It became evident that the stage was... flawed. During the rest of the hour with the Devs, it was broken down and reconstructed by invisible forces.


[18/06/25][19:11:02] [Kyronix ]: Hello!
[18/06/25][19:11:02] [Mesanna]: Good evening
[18/06/25][19:11:06] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: Hi. this might take a minute. About pets that use spells, can we get more power to pet spellcasters? Add an INT bonus to spell damage like STR to melee then add a "base damage" for spells like with melee. Create a cap for INT like 700, same as STR but give a balance for having both, like 550 each max. It's just that you cannot have strong caster pets at the moment, melee is the best so I'd like to see a balance.
[18/06/25][19:15:02] [Mesanna]: How about this... we just made a bunch of pet changes, so before we add even more we would like to see how those changes work. If there is indeed an imbalance we will be happy to review it and make sure they are balanced with the other pets. How about this, send me some examples of what you are talking about to make sure we are all on the same page and what you would like to see.
[18/06/25][19:16:18] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: Ok where do I send it to you?
[18/06/25][19:16:25] [Mesanna]: [email protected]
[18/06/25][19:16:31] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: Ok
[18/06/25][19:16:40] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: plz consider that is all I ask ty
[18/06/25][19:16:51] [Mesanna]: Thank you and we will review it.
[18/06/25][19:16:58] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: kewls
[18/06/25][19:17:03] [Mesanna]: but first everything has to be confirmed =)
[18/06/25][19:17:08] [Naz'ghoul Mortis]: ok

[18/06/25][19:17:55] [Deraj]: Hail devs
[18/06/25][19:18:02] [Mesanna]: greetings
[18/06/25][19:18:12] [Deraj]: I'll try to be quick because I know none of us want to get too much Siege stink on us
[18/06/25][19:18:28] [Mesanna]: wow thats harsh
[18/06/25][19:18:35] [Deraj]: *chuckles*
[18/06/25][19:18:55] [Deraj]: I would like to ask you to reconsider the filter that exists on guild titles prohibiting professions being used
[18/06/25][19:19:22] [Mesanna]: Professions that are in game?
[18/06/25][19:19:23] [Deraj]: Because when you consider that many of these titles are already available as part of the name itself
[18/06/25][19:19:37] [Deraj]: Yes, such as healer, or ranger, for example
[18/06/25][19:19:49] [Mesanna]: We would be happy to but then we have players that try to grief others by fooling them to make them think they are a NPC
[18/06/25][19:20:08] [Deraj]: Yes, but consider that it's already possible to make these titles a part of your name. For example, I could set my title to Deraj the [Healer] or whatever.
[18/06/25][19:20:27] [Mesanna]: I don't have a problem lifting some of them
[18/06/25][19:20:41] [Deraj]: I think that this filter is something that may have once been useful in the past. But nowadays it gets in the way when it comes to guild titles. Anyways please consider, I have many fellow RPers that would like to see that filter looked at.
[18/06/25][19:21:33] [Kyronix ]: We have added a bunch of titles to the rewards as various quests and such. Always looking to add more, so if there are specific titles you'd like to see, send in an email and let us know! Or visit the forums!
[18/06/25][19:22:08] [Deraj]: True, but when considering guild titles and ranks and such, it becomes an unnecessary limitation. I can email you a longwinded and verbose message about it
[18/06/25][19:22:43] [Kyronix ]: Look forward to ti!
[18/06/25][19:22:48] [Deraj]: As I tend to do
[18/06/25][19:22:56] [Deraj]: Have a good one devs
[18/06/25][19:23:00] [Mesanna]: you also

[18/06/25][19:23:12] [EM Kincaid]: *waits for his prompt*
[18/06/25][19:23:21] [Leawyn II]: Hail.
[18/06/25][19:23:25] [Mesanna]: greetings
[18/06/25][19:23:34] [Leawyn II]: Welcome back to Siege. I only have one question.
[18/06/25][19:23:42] [Mesanna]: thank you
[18/06/25][19:23:48] [Leawyn II]: Will MyUO ever be updated and on track again?
[18/06/25][19:24:34] [Mesanna]: we have to add a feature to be able to opt out of myuo due to the new laws protecting gamers
[18/06/25][19:24:49] [Leawyn II]: Ah.
[18/06/25][19:24:55] [Mesanna]: so until that is done it will not be back up
[18/06/25][19:25:01] [Leawyn II]: *nods*
[18/06/25][19:25:04] [Leawyn II]: Ok.
[18/06/25][19:25:07] [Leawyn II]: I thank thee.
[18/06/25][19:25:09] [Mesanna]: but yes we do want to see it return
[18/06/25][19:25:13] [Mesanna]: most welcome
[18/06/25][19:25:13] [Leawyn II]: Aye.
[18/06/25][19:25:17] [Leawyn II]: Ciao.
[18/06/25][19:25:23] [Mesanna]: night

[18/06/25][19:25:33] [Gov Sweetz Rep]: Hello Oh Great Ones!
[18/06/25][19:25:39] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[18/06/25][19:25:40] [Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[18/06/25][19:26:01] [Gov Sweetz Rep]: Governor Sweetpeez just wanted me to say GIRKLE GIRKLE GIRKLE and *HUGS*
[18/06/25][19:26:17] [Kyronix ]: Yayyyyy
[18/06/25][19:26:22] [Gov Sweetz Rep]: The statue is working on test
[18/06/25][19:26:22] [Mesanna]: well give him a hug for us then
[18/06/25][19:26:32] [Gov Sweetz Rep]: and she cant wait for it to go live :D that is all - Have a great day :D
[18/06/25][19:26:58] [Mesanna]: you also

[18/06/25][19:27:10] [DonTrun]: Mesanna this is kevin from sonoma do you remember me?:)
[18/06/25][19:27:31] [Mesanna]: Yes how are you this evening
[18/06/25][19:27:37] [DonTrun]: Good good. Got one thing to ASK. Will you marry me? :)
[18/06/25][19:28:07] [Mesanna]: My husband might be a little pissed if I did
[18/06/25][19:28:16] [Misk]: little late friend
[18/06/25][19:28:21] [DonTrun]: :) ok thanks but in game would be nice :) have a good night :)
[18/06/25][19:28:40] [Mesanna]: you also

[18/06/25][19:28:45] [EM Kincaid]: next!
[18/06/25][19:28:51] [Max Blackoak]: hi
[18/06/25][19:28:57] [Kyronix ]: Hello!
[18/06/25][19:28:58] [Max Blackoak]: welcome to Siege Perilous
[18/06/25][19:28:59] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[18/06/25][19:29:07] [Mesanna]: thank you
[18/06/25][19:29:14] [Max Blackoak]: today I tested your fix for the despise island lag and I am sorry to say it didn't work. The spawn rate must have been reduced and the spawn is way more spread out but you still get the island lag when lvl 4 pops. So now it only takes longer to finish the spawn but the lag issue is still the same.
[18/06/25][19:30:24] [Mesanna]: Bleak is fixing the size area of the spawn it just has not been released yet
[18/06/25][19:30:44] [Max Blackoak]: oh I thought it was released on TC. I did the testing on TC of course.
[18/06/25][19:31:00] [Mesanna]: more to be released
[18/06/25][19:31:09] [Max Blackoak]: hmm ok
[18/06/25][19:31:11] [Mesanna]: Bleak's anniversary is today so he is not here for this
[18/06/25][19:31:20] [Max Blackoak]: I see
[18/06/25][19:31:26] [Mesanna]: he will return tomorrow so we will get it out asap
[18/06/25][19:31:39] [Max Blackoak]: ok I'll keep my eyes peeled for an update then
[18/06/25][19:31:42] [Max Blackoak]: one more thing
[18/06/25][19:31:54] [Mesanna]: yes sir?
[18/06/25][19:32:00] [Max Blackoak]: you mentioned that you were reviewing the approved third party programs for UO
[18/06/25][19:32:12] [Mesanna]: yes sir we are
[18/06/25][19:32:19] [Max Blackoak]: ongoing process? or is there something you can share already?
[18/06/25][19:32:41] [Mesanna]: sorry I do not have anything to share but I will say that if you have a program you would like to see legal we are open to suggestions
[18/06/25][19:33:18] [Max Blackoak]: hmmm ok
[18/06/25][19:33:23] [Mesanna]: just email them to me and I will add them to the list sound fair?
[18/06/25][19:33:41] [Max Blackoak]: alright I guess that's all
[18/06/25][19:33:49] [Mesanna]: have a good evening
[18/06/25][19:33:49] [Max Blackoak]: have a good one!
[18/06/25][19:33:55] [Mesanna]: you also

(Happy anniversary, Bleak!)

[18/06/25][19:34:05] [Carrick McGee]: Last buy not least!
[18/06/25][19:34:07] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[18/06/25][19:34:12] [Carrick McGee]: Hail!
[18/06/25][19:34:17] [Kyronix ]: Greetings!
[18/06/25][19:34:21] [Carrick McGee]: Can we have the pure white Cu's spawn again please. When the color was added to the pets, it stopped
[18/06/25][19:34:37] [Mesanna]: we have not removed them
[18/06/25][19:34:43] [Carrick McGee]: right, but when color was added the pure white stopped spawning
[18/06/25][19:35:04] [Mesanna]: we will look into it
[18/06/25][19:35:09] [Carrick McGee]: Thank You!
[18/06/25][19:35:15] [Mesanna]: honestly not sure why it stopped spawning them though
[18/06/25][19:35:24] [Carrick McGee]: Not sure either. But if you could take a look that would be great
[18/06/25][19:35:33] [Mesanna]: we will look into it
[18/06/25][19:35:36] [Carrick McGee]: Thanks!

This marked about a half hour into the Meet an Greet, and people came to realize that the line to ask questions had come to an end with plenty of time to spare. More hopped in line, and a few came back to ask an additional question.

[18/06/25][19:35:48] [Sionbreia]: Aloha!
[18/06/25][19:35:50] [Mesanna]: Good evening
[18/06/25][19:36:01] [Sionbreia]: I have a request about dungeon doom could you please take a look at the drop rate of artifacts and recipes there? Me and my guild have done around 10 complete runs without anyone getting a single drop
[18/06/25][19:36:36] [Kyronix ]: Anything in particular? Are you running luck?
[18/06/25][19:37:00] [Sionbreia]: some are some aren't
[18/06/25][19:37:16] [Kyronix ]: Will take a look, thanks for the report!
[18/06/25][19:37:21] [Sionbreia]: thank you
[18/06/25][19:37:28] [Sionbreia]: see ya!

[18/06/25][19:37:39] [EM Kincaid]: And finally, perhaps, we have a pirate captain!
[18/06/25][19:37:49] [EM Kincaid]: oh, not finally
[18/06/25][19:37:51] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[18/06/25][19:37:56] [Shiver me Timber]: arr
[18/06/25][19:38:12] [Shiver me Timber]: Can we re-introduce passive detect to siege or at least to pvp towns
[18/06/25][19:38:52] [Mesanna]: We didn't think it was removed. This is the first we have heard of any complaints and yes we will look into it
[18/06/25][19:39:15] [Shiver me Timber]: and not to agree with anyone about the siege economy, but can we do something about the skills that show up during reforging? Some skills just don't go with each other mage stuff and dexxer stuff or 2 different things
[18/06/25][19:40:30] [Mesanna]: that is totally random
[18/06/25][19:41:07] [Shiver me Timber]: there are some things you could remove?
[18/06/25][19:41:52] [Misk]: if you are looking to reforge specific properties onto an item, you can always specify the suffix or prefix of the item
[18/06/25][19:41:55] [Shiver me Timber]: I just think that helping reforging would help the crafters be more pertinent on siege. Have you ever reforged trying for a specific piece? Just curious.
[18/06/25][19:42:37] [Misk]: if you are just randomly reforging items, then you are going to get random results
[18/06/25][19:42:56] [Misk]: yes, quite often...however i have never tried on Siege
[18/06/25][19:43:23] [Shiver me Timber]: okay well this was asked last time, but still no relief on vendor fees? stuff stays on siege vendors for long long periods
[18/06/25][19:44:06] [Misk]: as far as i know, there are no current plans to change vendor fees sorry
[18/06/25][19:44:33] [Shiver me Timber]: But it kills the economy not to be able to leave things on vendors. Well thank you.

[18/06/25][19:44:58] [EM Kincaid]: hello!
[18/06/25][19:45:05] [Cleastra]: Greetings :)
[18/06/25][19:45:09] [Mesanna]: greetings
[18/06/25][19:45:14] [Cleastra]: Is there any chance That the old pvp bounty system will come back?
[18/06/25][19:45:36] [Mesanna]: would love to but we can't when the mature rating was changed we had to get rid of that
[18/06/25][19:45:50] [Cleastra]: Understood. How about just the bounty part without the head chopping and mess?
[18/06/25][19:46:46] [Mesanna]: It could be reworked. We will look at it to keep people from exploiting the system
[18/06/25][19:47:10] [Cleastra]: Ahh, true enough. Maybe something for the future, perhaps.
[18/06/25][19:47:20] [Mesanna]: sounds interesting
[18/06/25][19:47:26] [Cleastra]: That was all I was wondering. Thank you very much for your time
[18/06/25][19:47:30] [Mesanna]: I like the idea. Thank you, have a good evening
[18/06/25][19:47:46] [Cleastra]: You as well

[18/06/25][19:47:54] [EM Kincaid]: come on down!
[18/06/25][19:48:03] [Astynax]: Hi there
[18/06/25][19:48:03] [Mesanna]: Greetings
[18/06/25][19:48:20] [Astynax]: I have two questions. I know it has been brought up before but could you reconsider adding VvV artifacts to Siege? The way it is right now literally no one ever does VvV towns except for people who need the royal forged pardon.
[18/06/25][19:49:14] [Mesanna]: We have had this discussion many times. We can do a poll on the forums.
[18/06/25][19:49:47] [Astynax]: well the polls have been pretty evenly split
[18/06/25][19:49:54] [Mesanna]: thats the point
[18/06/25][19:50:17] [Astynax]: moving on to the next question
[18/06/25][19:50:19] [Mesanna]: If you guys could come up with a decision great, but at a 50 50 I would rather not act. Sorry, go ahead.
[18/06/25][19:50:41] [Astynax]: since VvV artis meet so much resistance by certain players here, how about introducing a second Siege bless. Two siege blessed items would go a long way making good suits.
[18/06/25][19:51:24] [Mesanna]: that is something we can talk about
[18/06/25][19:52:16] [Astynax]: I see Suleiman is having a poll in general chat at the moment. Let's wait for the result and then implement the 2nd blessed item: =) Alright thanks for having me. Farewell
[18/06/25][19:52:55] [Mesanna]: evening

[18/06/25][19:53:01] [EM Kincaid]: And back by popular demand
[18/06/25][19:53:09] [Max Blackoak]: me again
[18/06/25][19:53:14] [Mesanna]: welcome back
[18/06/25][19:53:14] [Max Blackoak]: I forgot something
[18/06/25][19:53:16] [EM Kincaid]: Presenting ... Max!
[18/06/25][19:53:43] [Max Blackoak]: are you aware that there is a program that allows you to determine when house placement is possible after an idoc?
[18/06/25][19:53:59] [Mesanna]: I am not aware of that
[18/06/25][19:54:15] [Max Blackoak]: also there is a bug that allows players to place a house from inside another house
[18/06/25][19:54:36] [Mesanna]: what is the name of it
[18/06/25][19:55:01] [Max Blackoak]: I'll send you an email about the program
[18/06/25][19:55:07] [Mesanna]: ok please do
[18/06/25][19:55:28] [Max Blackoak]: please take a look at placing houses from inside other custom houses
[18/06/25][19:55:36] [Mesanna]: we will
[18/06/25][19:55:50] [Max Blackoak]: ok
[18/06/25][19:55:57] [Max Blackoak]: and expanding on what Asty asked could we get a third Siege blessed item? *smiles*
[18/06/25][19:56:17] [EM Kincaid]: *facepalm*
[18/06/25][19:56:18] [Mesanna]: rofl cute
[18/06/25][19:56:22] [Max Blackoak]: *ducks and runs* alright you've been lovely
[18/06/25][19:56:28] [Mesanna]: exit to the left

[18/06/25][19:56:35] [EM Kincaid]: also back by popular demand...!
[18/06/25][19:56:41] [EM Kincaid]: hi again
[18/06/25][19:56:42] [Mesanna]: hi
[18/06/25][19:56:44] [Leawyn II]: 'Tis I!! Hail again. No need for another VvV artie poll. We did one in March this year on your forum and No got 55%. Poll and discussion : VvV arties on Siege
[18/06/25][19:57:17] [EM Kincaid]: *nods*
[18/06/25][19:57:28] [Leawyn II]: Just wanted to mention that.
[18/06/25][19:57:33] [Mesanna]: my original decision stands =) thank you
[18/06/25][19:57:39] [Leawyn II]: *smiles*

[18/06/25][19:58:35] [EM Kincaid]: we seem to have run out of queue
[18/06/25][19:58:54] [Mesanna] says: thank you Siege for having us
[18/06/25][19:59:00] [Kyronix ]: Thank you Siege! Have a Perilous night!
[18/06/25][19:59:02] [Misk]: Thank you for having us!
[18/06/25][19:59:08] [EM Kincaid]: Thank you for coming!
[18/06/25][19:59:10] [Mesanna]: Have a great evening and make sure you check the newsletter for any updates to your questions


Bo Bo

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Great Stuff, Bo wishes Bo could have attended. Love the fact they didn't know bout passive reveal, hope they change that. And what is this about house placement?? there is a cheat out there for it?
that is interesting to someone who loves to post here always getting house placements before anyone else, hmmm wonder if bo should make assumptions????


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
What's this about Pure White Cu's not spawning? I tamed one no more than 2 weeks ago in the Weald. In fact, I had a Cu selling post a couple months ago where I had tamed 4-5 of them over the course of a week.

Is this a recent thing?


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I love the fact that the "community" has agreed that no VvV artifacts because of a poll in which 50% of the population voted yes for. That's just downright silly. I'd like to see the first poll, or community gathering, that made the decision in the first place... see the demographics of it and how slanted it was. It's ridiculous that we don't have them because of a particular set of players.

But it's never coming back. Just silly that there's such opposition to it.

Baby Doll

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Stratics Legend
[18/06/25][19:49:14] [Mesanna]: We have had this discussion many times. We can do a poll on the forums.
I love the fact that the "community" has agreed that no VvV artifacts because of a poll in which 50% of the population voted yes for. That's just

But it's never coming back. Just silly that there's such opposition to it.

You don't believe she will keep her word?


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I believe her. I'm especially hopeful for an additional blessed item. Would be great for all play styles and templates.