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The Best Laid Plans..

Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sitting in the chair facing the door of the Knights Rest Aedon waited with patience and purpose. He sipped his tea, and from time to time rearranged the ale bottles sitting on the floor next to him. He had done this same thing now for several nights waiting, and tonight the time spent paid off. He could hear the outer doors of the Rest creak open and then slam closed. He could not feel the presence of James so he was sure that one of the Hand was making their way inside. Looking once more to the bottles of ale arranged neatly on the floor, Aedon smiled and turned his eyes back to the door just in time to see them open.

Come in,” he said smiling as the one became visible before him.

He had seen this one several times during attacks on Yew, Skara and Olympus. He had no doubt at all that this was one of Mikaels minions. Smiling sweetly he asked the one;

“What brings you to the Rest tonight?”

“I own it,” he hissed back.

Laughing Aedon replied; “You own nothing here. And frankly, I would see this building burned to the ground before it would fall into the Hands control.

Kicking the chair across from him outward he smiled at the one saying; “Have a seat.” And then reaching beside him, pulled up one of the bottles of ale and handed it to him, “and a drink.”

“I think I will.” He said as he grabbed the bottle, pulled out the cork and started drinking.

Aedon sat quietly looking at him for a moment. He had thought this through night after night as he sat here waiting and now, when all was set he almost hesitated. Setting his cup back down, he looked to the man sitting across from him.

“I need you to take a message to Mikael for me. Tell him to come and meet with me here one night soon.”

He watched as the one drained his ale bottle, and reached to the floor pulled up another bottle and set it in front of the man.

“Have another,” he said as the bottle was snatched out of his hand.

“And why would Mikael come and meet here with you alone?” He said as he pulled the cork from the second bottle.

“Because,” Aedon replied, “I may be able to strike a deal with him.”

Finishing his ale, he sat the bottle back on the table, then licking one of his fingers, stuck it in Aedon’s tea cup. Aedon smiled at him and said;

“Just deliver my message.”

He spoke no more words, but arose and headed out the door.

Standing, Aedon took his cup, the empty bottles and the full ale sitting on the floor and tossed them into the trash barrel one by one, being sure to break each bottle, and watching as the liquid drained down and into the sawdust at the bottom. He could not help but smile a bit at the thought of the very bad dreams the fae concoction he had poured into the ale might bring to the drinker.

“I hope them cause him to soil himself.” He chuckled to himself.

As he headed towards the passage way that would take him home Aedon thought about what was to come. It was all in motion now, and perhaps Mikael would come forth for a meeting. He was still unsure of what he might offer to D’Amavir to help secure the release of the Ranger, but he knew he had at least a little time to think of that.