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The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance: Age of Armageddon


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The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance: Age of Armageddon

I imagine right now, you feel a bit like Alice, ...tumbling down the rabbit's hole.

You have two choices. You can take the blue pill. The story ends. You wake up and believe whatever it is you want to believe. But if you take the red pill, you're mine. You stay in Wonderland, and I show you just how depraved the human mind can be.

Welcome to our world.

Baja has become one of the most active RP settings in Ultima, with over 30 unique RP personages, a dark and surreal setting, several emerging townships, and a new EM that has gone above and beyond to support and engage the shard. It's also unique. We've rejected the fantastical kitchen sink of some of our East Coast shards, where Ultima lore is rejected and everybody is the Chosen of Lloth, and others, where unique ideas are choked out by a crippling low fantasy doctrine. Baja has found something of a balance, where creative ideas flourish, and conflict is in the blood.

Our world is best described as a dystopian, dark fantasy setting grounded in the fiction and lore of Ultima VII-IX, or the Age of Armageddon. Britannia is just as often the villainous oppressor, a police state espousing fascism and world dominating tendencies, where the hero is most often the rebel, the thief and the liar. Occult societies dedicated to nihilism and oblivion have sprung up in the cities, while serfs and rangers whisper of ravenous creatures and eldritch abominations not seen since the time of Mondain, devouring the innocent. There is a constant, ongoing conflict between those who wish for sovereignty, such as New Magincia and the Kingdom of Dawn, and the corrupt Paladins of the State, each vying for his or her own power and glory.

But, despite the encroaching darkness, it's not all doom and gloom. Quite the opposite. Our most famous characters include a cackling minor demon who terrorizes Britain, a talking chicken who has become one of the realms foremost statesmen and sorcerer, ice cream serving goblins, the elven equivalent of Zsa Zsa Gabor, a woman dedicated to the worship of Cows, a small coalition of reformed nuns who practice eastern martial arts, a mad scientist, and more. A blend of the mad and the macabre.

The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance has been at the forefront of this. Founded in 2009, in an attempt to restore a roleplaying community that had long since died out on Baja, it has quickly become host to the lions share of RP Guilds on our shard. Below are the most current, active groups.

The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance: An OOC Guild. For characters wishing to participate in the Alliance without joining a formal guild.​
The New Magincian Trading Co.: A corrupt, wealthy organization based out of the Isle of New Magincia. Little better than Pirates, the Trading Co. has used its wealth and influence to begin dominating the Seas of Trammel, while standing in opposition to the High Council.​
The Kingdom of Dawn: An independent, sovereign nation, the Kingdom of Dawn is one of UO's oldest RP Townships, having just celebrated its 14th Anniversary. The Kingdom, ruled in name only by the young Prince Riain and his Guardian, Wildstar, the Kingdom has managed to maintain a meager existence in Northern Felucca, fighting back waves of bandits and inhuman abominations, as well as the political machinations of Britannia.​
Queen Shieba's Alliance: A sovereign order of Knights, Mages and Craftspeople dedicated to the Principle of Love.​
Infantry of the Throne: A new guild in the service of Britannia, the Infantry of the Throne is Britannia's last legion in the Abandoned Lands of Felucca.​
The Red Ankh: Based on the Red Cross, the Red Ankh is a Britannic Order commissioned by High Lord Fern of the Britannian Council in response to the recent famine in Britannia. Yet, despite it's benevolent origins, the Red Ankh serves to prop up an unpopular and despotic Britannian Government.​
The Cult of the Azure Dragon: An ancient religious order from a distant place, the Cult of the Azure Dragon is dedicated to the worship of an ancient being whom followers believe shaped the world in a time immemorial. The Cult is also associated with the Virtues, it's theonogist and presence in this world, Silverbrook, maintains the Shrine of Spirituality.​
Cove: A feudalistic governorship, Cove is led by the High Warden Arahim, Lord of the North.​
The Rangers of the Realm: One of our shards oldest organizations, the brotherhood has returned, with their new Grand Master, Grey Holland at the head. The Rangers have long been considered the foremost defenders of the wild, dedicated to Lord British and the defense of their feudal demesne.​
Britannian Protectorate of Yew: A brotherhood of Paladins founded during the Bane Chosen and Great Plague Arcs, the Protectorate is dedicated to the defense of Yew and the surrounding woodlands. It's leader, Duke Hast Mich, is powerful warrior, dedicated to the Light, and his household has served Britannia since the time of Lord Cantabrigian.​
Majestic Ungulates United: The scheme of a madwoman, this organization believes bovine creatures are sacred and are deserving of governmental protection.​
Ministry of Pain: A secretive organization of Inquisitors, the Ministry uses its machinations and the effective use of fear to spread its political influence throughout Trammel and Felucca.​
Ashencrosse: A feudalistic society that serves a secretive, unnamed Countess, Ashencrosse is the demesne of Knights and Gypsies centered around the Bramble Rose Theater and the Gypsy Camp in Ilshenar.​

Establishments: The Sea Witch Tavern, the Golden Brew Tavern, the Bramble Rose Theater.

Townships: New Magincia, Old Magincia, the Kingdom of Dawn. (Emerging: Ashencrosse and Cove.)

We are accepting new members. Those who want in on the action can contact me via PM or at [email protected].