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the awakening

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A vast storm swept over the old crypts of the keep. The thunder clasped and lightning light the midnight sky. A small scrapping came from under the rubble. A pale small hand glistened off the flashes of lightning. The pale hands dug at the earth as the creature a merged from the crypt. The watcher whom dug up the crypt eyes widen as the small framed female now crouched turned to gaze at her watcher. "I am hungry," the small voice said as the red rimmed eyes locked onto her watcher. "She my Lady", he bowed a ran off.

She stretched her small un aged frame and walked about the rubble of her once wonderful keep. "Much has occurred while I have been asleep" she muttered as she removed the rubble from her lovers crypt.

A small rustle from the near by path catches her eye. "that was not fast enough", she struck the victim before her watcher brought the poor women into view.

Her watcher had already made there new home and set in order for there awaking. She rose from her victim and licked her thin lips. Grab my loves crypt and bring it home and make sure there is a plentiful amount of vile for he will be hungry when he awakes. "Yes my Lady", he replied. As for me I have some hunting to do. She looked at him again and then took of into the woods the moist ground squishing between her feet and her eyes locking onto every movement and sound. Her pace slowed as she approached the Blue Light Tavern. She moved through the shadows and saw the man that she wished to speak to.

"Gareth", she spoke clearly. The man stumbled and looked about. She a merged from the dark her eyes a odd shade of green. "We need to speak", the lightning flickered throughout the house.