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The Acolytes - Entering WAR For Destruction!



  • About Us:

The Acolytes are currently a multi mmo gaming community. We currently have a strong chapter playing in Age of Conan as well as a branch dedicated to making our presence known in WAR! We have been together since 2005, and have made it our goal to make our name known and respected in whichever game we choose to play.

If you are accepted as a member into any of our mmo branches you are considered an Acolyte in which ever game you choose to play. We are looking to build a great community for people to enjoy mmo's together for years to come!

  • Goals:

Our goal in all mmo's we play from the very beginning, will to be a mature and active guild. We plan on kicking and having fun while we do it; taking down our enemies with no looking back! We like to be strong from the start and have proven our abilities in AoC by capturing many of the "Server Firsts". We expect the same in Warhammer.

  • Our Rules:

1. The Acolytes have a strict age policy of 17 years or older. If you are below the age requirement you need not apply, because your application will be automatically rejected.

1.1 The only exception to this rule is current members vouching for their family and/or friends.

2. All members will respect their fellow guildmates and/or alliances the Acolytes form in the future. A respectable tone will be required in the forums and in the game, no personal assaults will be tolerated, i.e. flaming and harassment.

2.1 We know everyone is unique and occasionally there will be personality clashes. If a situation does arise and you cannot resolve it on your own; you must report the issue with one of the WAR guild Erudites. We're a mature guild, so we can find a mature resolution to any situation that arises.

3. The Acolytes will be joining a RP-RvR server and will continue the ongoing story of Warhammer in the game. Therefore we require our members to have a fantasy or believable role-playing name that sounds like your character actually belongs in the world of Warhammer.

Do not use:

* Misspelled yet obvious words
* Common modern names such as Bob, John or Mike
* Names comprised of multiple words (Nounverb, Verbnoun, Adjectivenounverbnoun etc.)
* Names specific to well known historical or religious figures, celebrities, etc
* Names which are one letter off or very similar to established character names
* Names that will obviously be offensive to a specific group of people

4. We do not and will not require or otherwise force anyone to role-play any more or less than follows their personal interests. We do however require that the role-play of others be respected within reason at all times.

4.1 Again, pretty much what is says, don't intentionally disrupt someone else's RP. As to what we mean by within reason, if the other players' expectations are impinging upon you and your own game-play, you are perfectly free to ignore them and go about your business and/or take other reasonable actions if they're being particularly obnoxious about it.

5. We have spent a great deal of time gaining respect and building a creditable image amongst the AoC community. We now embark on doing the same in the WAR communities around the internet. All of our members are held accountable for the image they present to others, and are expected to be fully aware of the differences between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

5.1 Each of you are representative of this guild. The way you act in-game and elsewhere reflects on the rest of us as a whole. Just keep that in mind.

6. We shall not abide by the pointless slaughtering of others. Those who are not, have not, and do not appear to be in the discernible future a threat, impediment, or nuisance to us or our endeavors will at the absolute least be given the chance to flee or surrender.

6.1 Essentially, this means if you randomly encounter a player that is completely outclassed by you, whether because of a level difference or the dozen or so other Acolytes with you (and is not KoS for whatever reason), at least give the poor a chance to wet himself and run.

7. We do not know much about the server configurations at this point, but we will be on a US, eastern time zone based server assuming that will be available.

Armies of war are growing. The Dark Gods have whispered their commands to the forces of Destruction. Countless heed the call of the Chaos denizens, the black tide has risen. Many armies will march bearing the mark of their Master, fulfilling the desires of the Gods. Only one army will reap the the eternal favor of the four Dark Lords.

Will you be one of the few to earn the blessings of the Dark Gods?