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Tetrarch [TRC] - Gate of Madness-West Coast US-PvX/PvE emphasis




Tetrarch is a new guild forming on the Gate of Madness server. We are all mainly PvE players from other MMOs who have been doing this for some time, although in GW2 we're looking forward to some PvP as well.

We're looking for mature individuals to participate in a fun and semi-serious guild that are looking for a gaming experience free of the drama and stress that can come from guild life
(We in no way want to hear about your teen melodrama or how youre planning to elope to canada with someone else in the guild because they sent you a vanity pet which must mean they really love you)

>Mumble Server
>Guild Website
>US Pacific Time Zone (Southern California specifically)
>18+ prefferably

Competence and Maturity are the two main things we're looking for!
...with sarcasm coming a close third.

Those people who want to incessantly "PwN [email protected] N00Bz" or be a "L337 [email protected]" or anything else involving innapropriate juxtaposition of letters and numbers will probably want to look elsewhere

Likewise anyone who is so casual that they have trouble following simple directions and never quite get the hang of how to play their character despite repeated tips and instruction from guildies will probably want to look elsewhere.

We're fun, we're friendly, and we look forward to doing everything the game has to offer
(to excess in the case of our GM who will most likely have every achievement in every area of crafting and exploration by the end of week one...he's one of those)

Anyone interesting in applying, please check us out at:


and fill out the application under "recruitment"


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welcome to the GW2 Stratics forums. Good luck on the Gate of Madness server. I listed you on our GW2 Stratics Guild Listings at the portal site for you. :) Hope you all have great adventures in GW2.