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[Tales of Old] Your Friendly Neighbourhood Ettin


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This is the first in the Tales of Old collection. The Tales of Old will consist of stories, great wars and events of Europa RP's past. I will grandually post these tales up as a side hobby alongside present day news and reports.

kraagor banner.png
(Banner courtesy of Geoffrey Blake/Trent Edwards of Europa)

The Trinsic Chapter

A being of split personality, humans call it bi-polar disorder but we call it just being an Ettin. One head goes by the name Kraa, the other Gor; and together they became known as Kraagor. An ettin from the lost lands with big dreams, they had grown sick of their surroundings and the constant ostard for dinner each night. Awaking one morning they decided it was time to leave their clan and head out into the wilderness as a lone wolf....eerrrrr just the two of them, they could make it if they tried.
After a long journey of much time wasted of which path to take everytime they came to a fork in the road; they came across a great tunnel in the mountainside. It was a tight squeeze but they managed to crawl the length of this tunnel, emerging from the other side into the jungles of Trinsic. The hour was late and they found a nearby cave to call home for the night; ready for their new adventure in the morning.


Twas a new day and the pair had high hopes for a grand adventure.....but they were deeply mistaken. Little did they know what lay ahead.....the great battle of the bridge!

After exploring the local jungles Kraa and Gor eventually saw towering sandstone walls in the distance. They got closer for an inspection, hiding in the treeline......well as best as an ettin can hide. Using their superior skills of stealth, Kraagor hid in the shadows and moved undetected, bypassing all the guards into the city on an epic mission of cloak and dagger. In otherwords there must of been something going on elsewhere in the city and the south gate was left unguarded.

Here they came face to face with perhaps their greatest battle and nemesis of all time. An enemy that showed no emotion, as hard as wood and never flinched or retreated in the face of danger. It was a deadly and fearless bridge.
As Kraagor stepped onto the bridge, their sheer weight caused one of their legs to fall straight through; trapping them. A dog looked on in laughter as their arms flailed.


The dog soon regretted it's actions. Eventually they managed to pull themselves free and retreated to regather their courage. This was an unknown enemy to them. They stood in the corner hyping each other up with some pep talk for a good few minutes before charging back and facing the bridge head on.


Soaked through and utterly distraught they were not happy at all. They fled the city and returned to their cave to lick their wounds. They did not like this new land at all, the sandstone was too hot on their feet, there were too many insects in the jungle to keep them up at night and now they felt violated by a bridge.
The pair decided to pack their bags and head north.

TO BE CONTINUED.................