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[Selling] Taking offers on Xmas Items and Event Items



Taking offers on the following currently located on Napa:

A well-used toy sword - Sonoma 2010
A bag of peanut brittle - sonoma 2010
Bone Sword (Season 8 Sonoma)
Pile of Reindeer cookies - naughty napa valley holiday 2010
reindeer lure - napa valley holiday 2010
A bell painted by santa's elves (Catskills 2010)
Fresh chocolate pie baked by Ms. Claus (from Catskills)
A Christmas Angel's Harp (Drachenfels 2010) red
A Christmas Angel's Harp (Drachenfels 2010) green
Botanical Research starter kit (Season 9 Napa) : sold
Moonstone earrings - winter 2010
Farmer Jack's Pumpkin Carving Kit - Happy Halloween Chesapeake 2010
Robe crafted by EM Cyno Razik (12/18/2010)
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011 * your Ealia Tiefwasser (Drachenfels)
Sugared Fruit (purplish blue) : sold
Poinsettia Confection - 2009 stag drop
elfish toymaker's garb (Happy holidays! Lake Austin, 2010)
An elfish toymaker's kit (Happy holidays! Lake Austin, 2010)
I ran over grandma, Great Lakes 2010
A reindeer disguise kit - Origin 2010
Purestone crystal fragment (season 9 Napa Valley)
spicy turkey leg - 2009 stag drop
Leg of Christmas goose - 2009 stag drop

This isn't an auction. I will sell when the offer is fair. More to come at a later date.


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please icq me i am interested in couple of your items, 123172317 thaks