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Sword and Shield - ORDER - IRON ROCK



Sword and Shield is now recruiting new members on the Iron Rock server!

We are a casual guild with the Order faction, on the Iron Rock server.
Sword and Shield where quality over quantity matters.
Sword and Shield is a clan based guild, were fellowship matters more to us then the level or race of a members. Level 1's are treated the same as Level 40's, since we look more at the person playing the charaters in-game then the actually charater itself. Helpfulness, communication, and fellowship are the traits we look for in members of this guild.
Key Points about the guild
- The size of the guild is not as important as the quality of the players within the guild
- Without the members there is no guild, so each and every member, no matter the rank, the level, the race, or the experience of the member matters. We are all important.
- With that being said, we try to encourage our fellow guild members and make them all feel welcomed and part of the guild. Simple hellos and good-byes and congratulations when a fellow member levels up can go a long ways in strengthing the bonds within the guild.
- An active guild chat is a good sign to determine the stability of the guild.
If this sounds like the guild for you please visit our website or contact a guild leader in game.
Guild Leaders:
Ezaurus (Taylia, Jordonna, Lia)
Hexana (Imation, Hexxi)

Sword and Shield Home Page: