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Sunder Military Gaming - A Planetside 2 - US-NE Outfit





The war to secure our freedom for the people has been waged for hundreds of years, and while a new war is on the horizon our New Conglomerate brothers and sisters still cannot call the world free of tyranny. Sunder is a returning outfit in this war dedicated to bring freedom to the peoples of auraxis. While some in this outfit may be new to the war, many of our soldiers are seasoned veterans of planetside, from all three empires. Many TR and Vanu have chosen to abandon their empire and join the fight for Free world forces of New Conglomerate

With a game of this magnitude and a roster full of players who have already suffered hundreds of deaths, thousands of wounds and the hard graft that is a planetside gamer we would like to introduce to you our military gaming community, Sunder. Contrary to a wide variety of outfits in existence we pride ourselves on a set of qualities with which we strive to succeed and win the day, not by numbers or by brute force but with tactics, Camaraderie & good old fashion know how. A member that joins sunder is not simply a needle in a haystack but a perfectly cut cog that without, would cause the machine to grind to a halt.

While Sunder may be a new outfit to Planetside, many of our members are experienced Planetside players. These members hail from some of the largest outfits in Planetside as NCO's and CO's in outfits such as Sturmgrenadier and Black Widow Company. Sunder has the command and combat experience needed to succeed in Planetside 2 & tempered from the steel that is New Conglomerate, here upon Auraxis we intend to wreak havoc against the enemies of the free world order that is NC. First and foremost we are an Aircav outfit who do not seek to have highest body count or top scoring outfit but to be the most efficient outfit performing tasks to disrupt what would otherwise allow the enemy to win, either by direct engagement or covert operations utilizing quick & precise tactics co-ordinated by the acting commander of the day.

We pride ourselves above all else creating long standing friendships through many games and years, never to have to rebuild your friendships or find a new home we want Sunder is the last guild you will ever join. As such we operate on the theory that Sunder is not for every one and not every one is for Sunder, this means that although we may be what you are looking for or that you may seem to fit in, there are times that we must safe guard our members or look in your best interests to be a part of us or to help you find a better home to suit you.

Fight for freedom with Sunder today!

What to expect from sunder?

  • A mature, calm & organized gaming group who utilize Militaristic structure & teamwork
  • Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship to all members
  • Strong communication – we utilize the best available technology to provide our members with the means necessary to communicate in and out of game and include training of combat comms & ability to co-ordinate the various assets on the field
  • Tight unit structure & daily designated missions individual to each unit with deep command structure binding all units together
  • Individual squads and squad types to opt into depending on your preferred play style
  • No nonsense attitude in operational voice channels
  • Respect to every member not just those that have been with us for years
  • Regular, dedicated gamers & outfit command, placed solely for Planetside2

What sunder expects from its members?

  • We expect every member to play to their own convenience - no being removed for not being active every day
  • Every member will be expected to form up into his or her squad if multiple outfit members are active on field
  • Teamspeak3 is a requirement that we do not negotiate on, no teamspeak - no invite, this means if you do not want to be in teamspeak one day that's fine but you will not be invited to an operational channel/event
  • Respect of all members within Sunder not just our Planetside2 Outfit, this also means knowing when to let loose and when to hold the tongue.
  • Co-operation with your current acting commander, regardless of who they may be or if you get on with said commander.

What are the requirements to join sunder?

  • Adults 18+
  • Have microphone and able to use Teamspeak 3
  • Have a passion for Planetside 2 and a willingness to work as a team

How do i apply to Sunder?

  • Contact either Xtremez, Chief, Grimhope or Dathnic in game or wait for our quick response inviting you to teamspeak for a formal interview, suit not required, good humor is a must.

Finally Sunder is more than a guild or a clan, we are a community. We value participation in the community above all else, and we provide many tools and assets to our members to give them that opportunity to participate and with this we welcome your application and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family!


Great group of gamers... They use military style comms, and know when to joke. I feel like I have been with them from day one. If you want a place to game, be apart and help a community grow Sunder is for you.